311 Songs Ranked

311 (pronounced “three-eleven”) is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was formed in 1988 by vocalist and guitarist Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Jim Watson (a member briefly, before being replaced by Tim Mahoney in 1990), bassist Aaron “P-Nut” Wills, and drummer Chad Sexton. In 1992, Doug “SA” Martinez joined to sing and provide turntables for 311’s later albums. 311 has released thirteen studio albums, two live albums, four compilation albums, four EPs, and four DVDs. After a series of independent releases, 311 was signed to Capricorn Records in 1992 and released the albums Music (1993) and Grassroots (1994) to moderate success. They achieved greater success with their 1995 triple platinum self-titled album, which reached number 12 on the Billboard 200 on the strength of the singles “Down” and “All Mixed Up”, the former of which topped the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks in 1996. The band’s next three albums—Transistor (1997), Soundsystem (1999), and From Chaos (2001)—were also successful, with the first going platinum and the last two going gold. Their 2004 compilation album Greatest Hits ’93–’03 was also certified platinum. The band’s most recent studio album is 2019’s Voyager. As of 2011, 311 has sold over 8.5 million records in the United States. Here are all of the 311 songs ranked.

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20. Flowing (Soundsystem, 1999)

“This was where 311 should have gone. A more ‘mature’ and progressive approach with the trademarks of their earlier sound shining through in the end. A magnificent hybrid. It’s almost psychedelic in the that it flows to it’s eventual outcome. Because of this, I think it’s the best thing they did.”

19. Let the Cards Fall (Enlarged to Show Detail EP, 1996)

“Fun song to listen to and sing along. People usually don’t like songs from the later albums, but this is an especially good song. Brilliant!”

18. Hive (311, 1995)

“It’s their hardest and heaviest song… that I’ve heard at least. This song gets you hype. You’re all up in my mix like Betty Crocker.”

17. Hey You (Uplifter, 2009)

“Not only is this the best song on their Uplifter album, this is the best song on one of their best albums. Because of this, it would be considerably one of their greatest songs of all time. Harmony is a factor that 311 is very good at, which is displayed in “Hey You” very well. Overall it is a solid song.”

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16. Champagne (From Chaos, 2001)

“This song is so moving, especially when played live. It is just amazing. It’s like another realm when they play this live.”

15. Purpose (311, 1995)

“Has a reggae-ish style to it and never gets old to listen to. I think the drums are simply terrific, there’s a lot of passion and power in this act.”

14. 816 A.M. (Grassroots, 1994)

“Played it at our wedding – they need to go back to sounds like this and not the new garbage. This is so amazing it gives great vibes. I love the vibes!”

13. I’ll Be Here Awhile (From Chaos, 2001)

“This songs gives so much happiness! Nick and SA sing there parts as if they were meant to be in the band.”

12. Lose (Grassroots, 1994)

“Decent alternative but not really my kind of music. Pretty average, though there are some catchy moments.”

11. Creatures (For a While) (Evolver, 2003)

“Way too low for a crowd favorite at concerts! Should be in the top 10! This song is so catchy! The most successful combining of rock and rap. Real instrumentation, including a snapping rhythm section, is what sets it off.”

10. Love Song (50 First Dates, 2004)

“Amazing cover and so wonderfully mellow and relaxing. Very good and very calming indeed. I must be one of the few people on the earth to say this but I like this song.  It has a nice quiet vibe and is every bit as good as the cure’s version.”

9. Large in the Margin (Soundsystem, 1999)

“This song has great lyrics, mood that fits with the great riffs. The rap also has some good lyrics. Overall, It’s just a great song to listen. Oh, I forgot. The refrain has amazing harmonies too. Listening to this song will benefit you greatly.”

8. Sunset in July (Universal Pulse, 2011)

“Why is this number seven this entire album was mediocre at best? Awesome! Song speaks for itself. It’s both sad and happy. One of their best songs. Such a feel-good song”

7. Don’t Tread on Me (Don’t Tread on Me, 2005)

“Great riff, one of their best… I’m not sure why it was overlooked, the chorus and breakdown are awesome rocking’ music!”

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6. Homebrew (Grassroots, 1994)

“When the guitar kicks in during the verses it makes me feel like starting a riot. Best song of theirs by far”

5. Come Original (Soundsystem, 1999)

“I wish this would be number one because this is a good song from 311 and my favorite song. I love this song because one of my uncles and I like to listen to it”

4. All Mixed Up (311, 1995)

“This song made me realize what type of music I wanted to listen to for the rest of my life. I was 10 years old and hadn’t heard anything in my ten years that I liked until this”

3, Beautiful Disaster (Transistor, 1997)

“This has the best lyrics out of every 311 song, and it’s also incredibly catchy and Nick’s vocals are really unique and soft in this song. Down and Come Original also rule.”

2. Down (311, 1995)

“I think this is their best song because it’s so much catchier than any of their other awesome tunes dude! This tubular song is totes mcgotes the best song that you will hear by the great 311!”

1. Amber (From Chaos, 2001)

“Definitely better than down.. But “flowing” and creatures for a while should be on here. I wish that “hey you” was on here too”