3Teeth Albums Ranked

3Teeth (stylized as 3TEETH or 3T3ETH) is an American industrial metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2013, the band currently consists of Alexis Mincolla (vocals), Chase Brawner (guitars), Xavier Swafford (keys & synth), Andrew Means (modular synth & bass), and Nick Rossi (drums). They have currently released three studio albums: their self-titled debut in 2014, <shutdown.exe> in 2017, and Metawar on July 5, 2019, via Century Media Records. The group initially formed as a fun passion project between Mincolla and Swafford, who lived down the street from each other in Los Angeles. Mincolla did not have a musical background but had experience in visual arts and promotion. Mincolla and Swafford met at a weekly party called Lil Death, which was hosted by Mincolla, where they began discussing some ideas for a multi-media mix of visuals and music. The two soon met Andrew Means after being impressed by an online video he sent the pair which Mincolla described as looking “like a computer virus.” After some of their music was hosted online and began to gain traction, the three sought out a guitarist for the project. Guitar work had initially been outsourced but the turnaround time was slow. Means had grown up with Brawner and suggested that the trio audition him, and after a successful audition Chase joined and 3Teeth had officially formed. Here are all of 3Teeth’s albums ranked.

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3. Metawar (2019)

Metawar - Wikipedia

“Metawar is certainly one of the year’s best alternative albums and makes 3 Teeth three-for-three with great records. The band’s trajectory continues to trend upward, and at this point there doesn’t appear to be a ceiling they can’t smash straight through. These ears will certainly be listening wherever they may go next.”

2. 3TEETH (2014)


“Some really good industrial music from a newer band. Its not bad and really reminds me of mid to late 80s Ministry, before they started adding thrash elements. If your a fan of industrial music and want something new, check out this release.”

1. shutdown​.​exe (2017)

3TEETH – <shutdown.exe> (2017, File) - Discogs

“If someone were to ask me what Industrial music sounded like, I would play them this album. That is how on point these guys are. Their debut album was a masterpiece and so is this one. Every single track is great. To release two albums in which every track is good and nothing is skippable says a lot. I absolutely loved the first album and they go even harder on this one. They have revived the 1990’s Industrial sound and made it their own. Do yourself a favor and check out 3TEETH, you will not be disappointed!”