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Air is a French music duo from Versailles, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel. Their critically acclaimed debut album, Moon Safari, including the track “Sexy Boy,” was an international success in 1998. Its follow-up, The Virgin Suicides, was the score to Sofia Coppola’s first movie of the same name. The band has since released the albums 10 000 Hz Legend, Talkie Walkie, Pocket Symphony, Love 2, Le voyage Dans la lune, and Music for Museum. After making several remixes for other acts in the first half of the 1990s, Air recorded its first EP, Premiers Symptômes, in 1995. The band released its first album, Moon Safari, in 1998. Its first single, “Sexy Boy”, was heavily played on alternative radio stations. The album received universal acclaim and became an international success. In 2000, Air composed the score The Virgin Suicides to Sofia Coppola’s debut film of the same name; in 2012, Air wrote its second score to Georges Méliès’ Le Voyage Dans La Lune. In the 2000s, Dunckel and Godin released four studio albums, including 10 000 Hz Legend (2001), Talkie Walkie (2004), Pocket Symphony (2007), and Love 2 (2009). Here are all of Air’s songs ranked.

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10. Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides, 2000)

“Maybe one day, I’ll be so besotted with a guy that I’ll be able to commit to him fully, drop down all my barriers and really give him everything I’ve got–until, of course, he expectedly calls it quits and breaks my heart in the process, maybe lusting after some Swedish bikini model, turning me into a fucking man-hater or possibly driving me to the brink of insanity where I throw my delicate body off a bridge to soothe my burning heart. Or maybe I’ll just kill him–all options are possible.”

9. Cherry Blossom Girl (Talkie Walkie, 2004)

“A seductive mix of romantic female French vocals, gentle acoustic guitar, swirling synths and fluttering horns. An absolutely unique sounding song that is totally unforgettable.”

8. Run (Talkie Walkie, 2004)

“My favorite Air song. It kind of weirded me out the first time I heard it- in a good way! Great video too. Breathtakingly beautiful. Absolutely amazing, well thought out and moving.”

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7. Eat My Beat (Love 2, 2009)

Eat My Beat is an up tempo groovy piano number which is the highlight of what is a slightly airy record – although I reserve the right to change my option in the future.”

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6. Alone In Kyoto (Lost in Translation, 2003)

“I feel like Lost In Translation is centered around this idea of a memory that you look back on and it seems so special that it almost doesn’t even seem real. We all have those.”

5. You Make It Easy (Moon Safari, 1998)

“This is a beautiful song, the lyrics are simple yet so powerful. How many have listened to this longing to find “the one” that would feel or explain their love to you like this. “You make it easy to watch the world with love”. I love the simplicity and idealistic make up of this song, it still sits solidly in my top ten.”

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4. Remember (Moon Safari, 1998)

“Everything about this album was always a distant memory that you couldn’t quite put your finger on except this track which they called Remember and the beat was very recognizable from the Beachboys. I often wonder if they did this consciously or if it was a sub-consciousness musical thing that just happened.”

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3. All I Need (Moon Safari, 1998)

“I remember being totally baked in the winter of ’04, listening to this. It was beautiful. Then one of my friends, equally baked, remarked: “Gosh, it’s like, this, this is the meaning of life, y’know?” Me and two others could not stop laughing after that. Now, part of me thinks he was right.”

2. Sexy Boy (Moon Safari, 1998)

“A cracking single, certainly one of the most memorable from 1998. The flower pistols remix positively shimmers and improves an already great song.”

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1. La Femme D’argent (Moon Safari, 1998)

“One of the greatest downtempo songs ever made. Not one second is wasted or excessive. The sexy and suave bassline, the synths that somehow give off simultaneously a futuristic and retro atmosphere with their warm tone, and the swirling ethereal synths with another spacey synth melody in the last two minutes all culminate in perfection. The lack of a strong beat gives the music a very fluid and free feel which adds to the relaxed yet engaging atmosphere.”