ALBUM REVIEW: Clash Valian – ‘Degrees Of Freedom’

Over the last few years, artist and producer Greg Merrell has been developing a wonderfully rich and illuminating aesthetic for himself. Perfecting his musicianship across more than twenty instruments in recent times, his project Clash Valian has looked to explore a wider and more multifaceted angle than many of his peers. And after months of adventurous experimentation, he delivers his eagerly-awaited debut album ‘Degrees Of Freedom’, a record that cements that vibrant legacy he has been working towards.

Self-recorded and co-produced by Merrell alongside Tom Wade, ‘Degrees Of Freedom’ is a snapshot of his most passionate and alluring songwriting to date. With its sprawling twenty-one songs that take influence from both the psychedelic and progressive rock arenas, his first full-length is this wonderfully rich and emotive journey into his inner consciousness as he effortlessly moves from one shimmering idea to the next.

Creating a broad and immersive album of this magnitude is never an easy feat, but Merrell seems completely at ease as he transcends throughout the tracklist. Brimming with a powerful and explorative energy as often as possible, ‘Degrees Of Freedom’ is a tantalising affair from an artist that is always looking for new and interesting concepts in which to explore.