ALBUM REVIEW: Giants Of Genesis – ‘Weight Of The World (Re-Mix / Re-Master)’

Back in 2016, Giants Of Genesis introduced themselves to the scene with their breakthrough debut album ‘Weight Of The World’. Spending much of the last few years since supporting the release with a flurry of live shows, the band’s output quickly slowed down and left many wondering what had become of them. But now almost eight years later, they have returned to the fold with the Re-Mix / Re-Mastered version of their initial LP, one that looks to revitalise their original sound.

While fans of the original record will not be surprised at its intense and thunderous energy layered throughout, ‘Weight Of The World (Re-Mix / Re-Master)’ feels far more polished and impactful than its predecessor. Giving these anthemic offerings a facelift after so many years hasn’t taken anything away from the first release, but instead revitalised them for a modern ear, showing the timeless quality that the album first possessed all those years ago.

Brimming with this unbridled power that perfectly suits the frenzied guitar and drum work throughout, ‘Weight Of The World (Re-Mix / Re-Master)’ sees them reintroduce themselves to a scene that has sorely missed them. Taking their passionate ideals and reinventing them certainly feels like the first step in a very long-awaited comeback for the group.