ALBUM REVIEW: Iron Axxis – ‘2286’

Throughout last year, New York-based newcomers Iron Axxis looked to introduce themselves as one of the more innovative names arriving on the scene. Completely instrumental in their work, the initial singles ‘In Those Eyes’, ‘Way Of The Warrior’ and ‘This Day’ saw them venture down a more multifaceted route than many were expecting, blending a heady mix of almost every avenue under the rock umbrella you could think of. And with their profile growing larger by the day, they deliver their eagerly-awaited debut album ‘2286’, a release brimming with more of that adventurous spirit they are known for.

While the instrumental scene is largely jam-packed with post-rock outfits, ones looking to develop broad and sprawling soundscapes, Iron Axxis seem to come from a more nostalgic era, bringing back some virtuoso-inspired guitar and bass hooks to blend with their progressive metal identity. The result is this wildly inventive and unpredictable endeavour that seems that switch up their direction almost every time they begin to get settled in it, offering some of the most intense and kinetic sounds we have ever heard.

There is little to no point in trying to pigeonhole Iron Axxis as they seem more interested in keeping the listener on their toes than anything else. Pushing the boundaries of both modern day metal music and their own blistering aesthetics, ‘2286’ sits as one of the more distinctive and riveting listens of 2024 so far.

Iron Axxis will release ‘2286’ on the 29th March.