ALBUM REVIEW: Stinkus – ’23’

While he may have only just emerged as Stinkus in the last few months, artist and songwriter Tyler Thompson has already cut his teeth amongst some of the more exciting names on the new music scene. As a member of WILD and girlhouse, and songwriter for countless others, he is now looking to step out into the limelight solo as he delivers his eagerly-awaited debut album ’23’, a record that looks to cement his impactful legacy to date.

Just like any decent piece of art in the world, ’23’ was carved from some extremely dark and harrowing experiences. Having been in an abusive relationship for the last seven years, this new LP looks to process those troubling times in order for him to reemerge more confident out the other side.

But despite its difficult backstory, ’23’ has this incredibly rich and uplifting direction to it. Channelling some wonderfully fresh and captivating textures throughout, almost every outing on this new collection is a dazzling earworm of dynamic joy, something that Thompson has been keen to pursue throughout this new project.

Although the years of experience under his belt are more than apparent here, for a debut full-length, ’23’ is a bold and welcome breath of fresh air to the scene. Dazzling and immersive at every turn, may his Stinkus moniker continue onwards for many years to come.

Stinkus’ debut album ’23’ will be available to stream from the 5th April.