ALBUM REVIEW: Super Tuesday – ‘Future Tense’

After originally making his mark as a member of Boston-based alt-rockers Dirt Merchants back in the 90s, singer-songwriter Alex Kisch has recently found a new path back into the scene with his vibrant Super Tuesday project. With two quickfire releases in the form of ‘Danger City’ and ‘Just Right’ in recent years, he is now back on the grind once again to deliver his eagerly awaited third studio album ‘Future Tense’, a record that continues to show off his deft songwriting and production craft.

Much like what his previous material, ‘Future Tense’ explores a warm and riveting indie-rock aesthetic. Alternating between swaggering grooves and a more tender approach, each track takes the listener on a rich and emotive lyrical journey. Super Tuesday continues to shine as one of the more captivating names on the rise right today.

Kisch’s prolific output shows he is far from running low on new and interesting ideas, and this latest effort displays a true progression, offering some of his most focused, powerful and riveting efforts to date.