American Authors Albums Ranked

American Authors (formerly known as “the blue pages”) is an American rock band based in New York City currently signed to Island Records. It currently consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Zac Barnett, bassist Dave Rublin, and drummer Matt Sanchez. The former member includes lead guitarist and banjoist James Adam Shelley. They are best known for their hit singles “Believer” and “Best Day of My Life” from their debut album Oh, What a Life, as well as their top 20 hits, “Go Big or Go Home”, from their second album, What We Live For. Here are all of American Authors’ albums ranked.

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3. American Authors (2013)

“Infectiously happy tunes that keep me moving. LYRICS are fun and remind me of carefree childhood type days. These guys are so real, I heard their live interview and show on sirus radio which got me to buy the cd. They are authentic, genuine and contagiously quirky artists that would be a blast to hang out with.”

2. What We Live For (2016)

What We Live For - Album by American Authors | Spotify

“American Authors are one of the most unique acts in music today. With 4 guys from 4 corners of the United States coming together with each of their own regional music styles. American Authors is a perfect blend of all American sound. With a success of their debut I have to admit that their follow up while it is good, will take time to fully appreciate.”

1. Oh, What A Life (2014)

Oh, What A Life - Album by American Authors | Spotify

“They have been around for a while but are new to me. This is and excellent cd, I really like all of the songs. Everyone is talented and you can understand the songs and their lyrics. Highly recommend the group and the cd. Looking forward to the next one.”