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At Fillmore East is the first live album by American rock band the Allman Brothers Band and their third release overall. Produced by Tom Dowd, the album was released on July 6, 1971, in the United States by Capricorn Records. As the title indicates, the recording took place at the New York City music venue Fillmore East, which was run by concert promoter Bill Graham. It was recorded over the course of three nights in March 1971 and features the band performing extended jam versions of songs such as “Whipping Post”, “You Don’t Love Me” and “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.” When first commercially released, it was issued as a double LP with just seven songs across four vinyl sides. At Fillmore East was the band’s artistic and commercial breakthrough, rapidly escalating the band’s exposure and gaining them a new legion of loyal fans. Many people consider At Fillmore East to be one of the best live albums of all time, and consider the album to be the start of the band’s association with the jam band school of music (although members of the band have repudiated the label, stating instead they are just “a band that jams”) . It has also been ranked among the best overall albums by artists and continues to be a top seller in the band’s catalog, becoming their first album to go platinum. In 2004, the album was selected for preservation in the Library of Congress, deemed to be “culturally, historically, or aesthetically important” by the National Recording Registry. Here are all of At Fillmore East songs ranked.

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7. Whipping Post

“A long jam session that clocks in at over 23 minutes but still remains captivating. It’s the most intense song on the album showcasing all of the bands best talents. It is certainly the highlight of the album and is one of the greatest rock songs ever written.”

6. Stormy monday

“Stormy Monday” is an old blues standby, performed by the likes of T Bone Walker (who wrote it), Albert King, BB King, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s a nice down-tempo song to offset the first two tracks but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. It’s rife with atmosphere and features great work by all of the musicians. The song really shows off the expressive voice of Gregg Allman. At the guitar solo in the middle Duane shows us that it’s not speed that makes for a great solo, but also a sense for the passion and atmosphere of the song. Gregg also shows us a bit of his keyboard skills in a keyboard solo, after the guitar solo. “Stormy Monday” is one of the highlights of the album.”

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5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

“In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” is a 13 minute song that once again shows off the band’s jamming skills. It’s the kind of song you just sit back and take in while preparing yourself for the next song.”

4. Done Somebody Wrong

“Done Somebody Wrong” gives us a taste of some southern harmonica playing. It adds a nice, fun flair to the song and compliments the song very well.”

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3. Hot ‘Lanta

“Hot Lanta” is a break before the two extended closers. It’s another solid song from the album which builds into the next song.”

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2. Statesboro Blues

“Statesboro Blues” from the very beginning is a classic. The call of the keyboards and drums and the reply of Duane’s slide guitar is just perfect and is the perfect way to start the album. It’s a brief song (comparatively) but tells you just about everything you need to know about this tight band.”

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1. You don’t love me

“You Don’t Love Me” brings the tempo back up with a song that has a bit of a groove to it, particularly with the bass work. If “Stormy Monday” showed off how Duane could play expressive in a slow manner here is a song where we see his fiery speed. It’s also the first extended song on the album, almost reaching the twenty minute mark. It’s a great jam song.”