Atomic Rooster Albums Ranked

Atomic Rooster is a British rock band, originally formed by members of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, organist Vincent Crane, and drummer Carl Palmer.[5] Throughout their history, keyboardist Vincent Crane was the only constant member and wrote the majority of their material. Their history is defined by two periods: the early-mid-1970s and the early 1980s. The band went through radical style changes, but they are best known for the hard, progressive rock sound of their hit singles, “Tomorrow Night” (UK No. 11), and “Devil’s Answer” (UK No. 4), both in 1971. In 2016, Atomic Rooster reformed with permission from Crane’s widow, with the new line-up featuring two members from the various 1970s incarnations of the band. Here are all of Atomic Rooster albums ranked.

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6. Made In England (1972)

“Made In England proves that Atomic Rooster is honestly very very good at the funk genre. “Time Is My Life” has an orchestration during the intro (or at least, it definitely sounds like one even though it probably wasn’t necessary) and shortly after that, the vocal melody comes in. This song sets the pace for the rest of the album- one catchy vocal melody after another. In this particular track, the vocals remind me of Jack Bruce from Cream fame. “Stand By Me” features vocals that instantly remind me of John Lawton from Lucifer’s Friend.”

5. Assortment (1973)

“I must say I was very impressed by this. As a prog rock fan anyway, I loved the style and tone of this record. Good vocal workouts for Farlowe, with an excellent heavy rock backing, great guitar work, interesting bass lines and some good song writing. It is an excellent album of rock nearly but not quite on the prog end of the spectrum. An enthralling and entertaining listen.”

4. Atomic Roooster (1970)

“An explosive mixture of Vincent Crane and John Du Cann delivering a truly epic album! While “Death Walks Behind You” is a towering record from the band’s early years, this album (named the same as the debut album from a decade earlier, confusingly enough) is the other tower from the later period. I can’t even adequately convey how good this album is, but one of the main reasons is that it sounds quite different from the previous albums, with some punk rock and NWOBHM notes thrown in. The bonus tracks are terrific too!”

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3. Atomic Rooster (1980)

“This album is a hidden gem from this band who reformed from the early 70s and brought a heavier more punkish/new wave sound to their style and it worked.I really like it being a fan of rock and punk.”

2. In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster (1971)

“Vincent Crane’s vision shines brightly on this album, uncluttered by musical missteps or uncertainty. Virtually every AR compilation leans heavily on this album and it’s easy to see why. All of the songs are strong and well executed. If you’re going to own one Atomic Rooster CD, this is it.”

1. Death Walks Behind You (1970)

“This excellent 1970 album opens with some very eerie acoustic piano lines on the track Death walks Behind You, which more or less sets the gloom and doom tone for the rest of the album. With the roaring electric guitar work of John DuCann (aka John Cann) and the thunderous drumming of Paul Hammond, the hard rock aspect is established and provides a nice contrast with Vincent Crane’s sophisticated Hammond organ and piano work.”