Atreyu Albums Ranked

Atreyu is an American metalcore band from Yorba Linda, California, formed in 1998. The band consists of vocalist Brandon Saller, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Marc “Porter” McKnight, and drummer Kyle Rosa. They have released seven studio albums: Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses (2002), The Curse (2004), A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006), Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007), Congregation of the Damned (2009), Long Live (2015), and In Our Wake (2018). Here are all of Atreyu albums ranked.

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6. A Death-Grip On Yesterday (2006)

“There’s that same mix of singing, screaming, and of palm muted breakdowns and melodic guitar hooks. But something about “A Deathgrip On Yesterday” is surprisingly enjoyable, and the songs are all constructed with the same aim to please. Their stellar fan-base will no doubt love the force driving this record-and with no doubt the band has come to their pop-senses with even more vocal melodies than ever before, inviting an entire new set of fans”

5. Long Live (2015)

“Atreyu is back with their album Long Live, what an incredible comeback with every song is great with great lyrics, I can’t stop listening to the album, absolutely incredible, about time Atreyu came back too, missed them guys. Keep rocking guys, hope to see you all on tour. This is definitely album of the year worthy. Atreyu fans buy this album you won’t regret it.”

4. Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007)

“The album certainly has a flow to it as many listeners have noticed. The first songs are very raw, heavy, and catchy, with charted tracks like “Becoming the Bull” and “Falling Down” (though I think they should have put “Blow” right at the beginning to set the pace) that pretty well everybody can enjoy. One thing that Atreyu fans notice is Varkatzas not screaming and Sellers pretty much leading the vocals, as with the rest of this album.”

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3. Congregation Of The Damned (2009)

“Congregation of the damned is where it’s at for real. Just the right amount of aggressive and melodic, the vocals show how far Atreyu has come over the years and the music is back to the b/a melt your face off that they have always been known for with a few change of pace ballads that make the album almost perfect.”

2. Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses (2002)

“The vocals are superb, ranging from melodic and beautiful to deep, guttural growls, adding a bit of unpredictability to the album. Some of the songs do sound a bit similar the first time through; however, after listening to it a few times you can pick out the differences, and some of the songs sound extremely different from one another.”

1. The Curse (2004)

” If you like raging, intense screaming alternated with awesome melodies, then you’ll probably like Atreyu. And if you’re an already established Atreyu fan, you’ll probably love this album. Definitely a worthwhile purchase either way. And if you’re a metal fan–metalcore especially–then you definitely want to check out Atreyu.”