Audioslave Songs Ranked

Audioslave was an American rock supergroup formed in Glendale, California in 2001. The four-piece band consisted of Soundgarden’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Cornell with Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass/backing vocals), and Brad Wilk (drums). Critics first described Audioslave as a combination of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine, but by the band’s second album, Out of Exile, it was noted that they had established a separate identity. Their unique sound was created by blending 1970s hard rock and 1990s alternative rock, with musical influences that included 1960s funk, soul and R&B. Here are all of Audioslave’s songs ranked.

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20. Original Fire (Revelations, 2006)

“I love many of audioslaves songs.. Different songs at different moments.. At this moment I like this one the best! This song got balls, power; it’s a smash in your face.

19. Yesterday to Tomorrow (Out of Exile, 2005)

“That melody where the guitar and Chris Cornell’s voice blends together so well around the first bit when he does that sing-a-long is just awe-inspiring.. I love how it starts out with a great baseline, and then the lyrics just make me feel something. Of course, Morello also had an amazing solo.”

18. Man or Animal (Out of Exile, 2005)

“EPIC solo. All guitarists like me should recognize this as an amazing song. This is probably their most hard rock song ever! This is definitely my favorite song by them. I love what this song is talking about.”

17. Set It Off (Audioslave, 2002)

“This is definitely my favorite song by them. I love what this song is talking about. My absolute favorite Audioslave song! I don’t understand why it’s so underrated!”

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16. Moth (Revelations, 2006)

“The riff to this song is absolutely phenomenal. Seriously, just go listen to this song right now. This is the works of Chris Cornell’s vocals at his finest. This song deserves to be in the top 10”

15. #1 Zero (Out of Exile, 2005)

“By far the best audioslave song. The lyrics are immensely spectacular. Riff just sounds great, not to mention how powerful the song sounds. Not really powerful in a lyrical sense, but great song nonetheless that deserves more attention..”

14. Doesn’t Remind Me (Out of Exile, 2005)

“It captivates the love and longing more than like a stone. This song is absolutely incredible by itself. When heard as part of the music video, it’s that much better. Beat and Rhythm is just amazing! Should be way higher! Chills me out so much too!”

13. Revelations (Revelations, 2006)

“Awesome track… Just love the guitar solo. Amazing rhythms. Should be way higher in the list… Riff just sounds great, not to mention how powerful the song sounds. Not really powerful in a lyrical sense, but great song nonetheless that deserves more attention.”

12. Out of Exile (Out of Exile, 2005)

“Amazing riff and great energy throughout! This definitely deserves the top ten.The guitar sound, the hypnotizing bass line, the fast Wilk’s drumming and the low Cornell’s vocals make this a very good song!”

11. Getaway Car (Audioslave, 2002)

“I think this is an unusual Audioslave song. In my opinion, is one of the smoothest songs of the first album and maybe from all Audioslave songs. I consider it as a power ballad or a very deep song, that starts as a sad song and gains power in the chorus. The solo is great, because it’s different from other Morello’s solos: instead of using effects, it just uses some delay or reverb and it has a bluesy style, like the song. I always get a particular feeling when listening the song, and I have to say that I’ll never get tired of listening to it, I’ve loved it since the first time I heard it. It’s gonna be always one of my favorite songs.”

10. What You Are (Audioslave, 2002)

“Love everything by them, this one has the perfect blend of everything that made Audioslave one of the greatest rock bands to grace the earth! Maybe this is my perception but this song gives the best description of women these days.”

9. Bring Em Back Alive (Audioslave, 2002)

“Well… whatever you say you can’t give it enough credit. Awesome Voice Awesome lyrics Maybe one of the best scream-likes and solos ever Great riff. This song gives me chills! Awesome message and riffs. Heavy man, real heavy man..”

8. The Last Remaining Light (Audioslave, 2002)

“This song is memorizing and eerie, it is unfortunate that not many know of this song, and the sad part is the main tune is very similar to that of like a stone, which is on the top of this list”

7. Gasoline (Audioslave, 2002)

“It’s so hard to pick between Show Me How to Live and Gasoline, but I’m voting for this because it deserves to be higher on the list. I love so many of Audioslave’s songs, it was very hard to pick.

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6. Cochise (Audioslave, 2002)

“Classic Rock guitar with massive drums and a stellar base undertone. Add meaningful lyrics belted out with passion; what more could you want? This is not only their best song to date; this is a classic rock ballad to rank in the top fifty all time.”

5. Shadow of the Sun (Audioslave, 2002)

“Audioslave’s most underrated song, overshadowed by other great songs from their best album. Cornell’s vocals are absolutely beautiful as he demonstrates his tremendous range and technique. Tom Morello’s solo in the middle is too short. It sounds so amazing that I wish he could continue for minutes. Fortunately for live audiences, he did have time to show off his unique, elite musical interpretation skills on the electric guitar.”

4. Show Me How to Live (Audioslave, 2002)

“Just because it’s some boring slow emotional rock ballad doesn’t make it the best song. Reading through this list and not seeing Show Me How To Live on the list means you people either live under a rock, or you’re just deaf…”

3. Be Yourself (Out of Exile, 2005)

“Best of Audioslave, without a shot of a doubt! Motivating, Inspiring, Just gets your adrenaline going from any mood. Brilliant vocals, lyrics, beat, nothing bad to say about it. #1 Be yourself For the win. It just gets you going, makes us be ourselves”

2. I Am the Highway (Out of Exile, 2005)

“I used to think this song was over rated but it is actually one of the best songs of the 2000s in my opinion now chris Cornell’s haunting vocals hook it up nice but probably the best bit is the really haunting intro.”

1. Like a Stone (Audioslave, 2002)

“Killer! I could for sure feel the pain of the lead vocalist.. Damn man.. Nice job! Especially the guitar bit at the very end is something supernatural and apart from the earthly pleasures… Even I listen to several songs altogether.. The pain in this song is chanceless.. Sizzling beats… Rocker! Killer! Insane..!”