August Songs Ranked

August is the tenth solo studio album by Eric Clapton, released in 1986 by Duck Records/Warner Bros. Records. Described as a “hard R&B” album, it was primarily produced by Phil Collins, in association with longtime Clapton associate Tom Dowd. The album opens with the Dowd-Clapton produced “It’s in the Way That You Use It”, co-written with Robbie Robertson, late of The Band. It featured in the Paul Newman-Tom Cruise film The Color of Money in October 1986, a month before the album’s release, subsequently reaching No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for one week. Two tracks, “Run” and “Hung Up On Your Love”, was written by veteran Motown composer Lamont Dozier while “Tearing Us Apart” was a duet with Tina Turner, and “Bad Influence” was a cover of a number by blues musician Robert Cray. “Holy Mother”, co-written with Stephen Bishop, was dedicated to the memory of another member of The Band, Richard Manuel, who had taken his own life earlier that year. Here are all of August songs ranked.

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11. Hung Up on Your Love

“If you like good pop tunes, this stands up with the best of them. Clapton drops the straight blues act and plays melodic pop songs with some of the best in the biz.”

10. Behind the Mask

“Has Eric Clapton made better albums.. Oh Yeah !!! But, this album is good and worth buying.. Behind the Mask is a great song.. Excellent Lyrics also..”

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9. Walk Away

“Great vocals and guitar—Eric sings very emotionial on every track and his guitar paying is excellent. Each track is supreme–fans should get this one to see another side of the man–great vocals.”

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8. Holy Mother

“The exquisite and moving Holy Mother requires a completely separate review. That it is dedicated to Richard Manuel makes it even more poignant. I’m not much into analyzing songs in terms of a performer’s life because I believe a work should be able to stand on its own without the need for outside support.”

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7. Bad Influence

“Bad Influence”, a cover of a Robert Cray song, has been my favorite track from the album from 1986 to now. Have heard people call this version disappointing. It does sound understated, but still great in my opinion. Ends with a long guitar solo. For a long stretch I *only* played this song, ignoring the rest of the album.”

6. Miss You

“Miss You” deservedly made the Crossroads 4 CD set and got airplay on rock stations. This is the bluesiest song on the album and technically the best guitar. Purists who don’t like the overall album can buy this as an individual track if for some reason they don’t have Crossroads (what EC fan wouldn’t have Crossroads?)”

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5. Tearing Us Apart

“The critics who called “Bad Influence” a disappointment should have used the term for this stinker instead. What a waste of talent. Both Clapton and Tina Turner are capable of much, much better. In an interview, Tina expressed her fondness for Clapton’s music, singing part of his song “Carnival”. You’d think the collaboration would result in something wonderful and inspired. Instead, this insipid pop track is a low point for both artists.”

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4. Hold On

“Probably my second favorite track. Opens with a fine Phil Collins drum solo and the drums stay good throughout, great melody, great guitar, and the usual good keyboards that occur throughout this album.”

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3. Run

“This album is overlooked by Clapton fans and there are plenty of amazing albums of his to choose from, but this has a special place in my heart and offers up some great music.”

2. Take a Chance

“This work may be more slick and polished than most Clapton afecionados may prefer, but that does not disqualify from being a good album. I suspect that most of the criticism of this album stems more from anti-80s attitudes in general.”

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1. It’s in the Way That You Use It

“The lead off track It’s In The Way That You Use It has to be the best songs Clapton has ever done. Got a ton of airplay on the radio. I’ve never tired of this fine song.”