Barbara Streisand Songs Ranked

Barbara Joan “Barbra” Streisand (born April 24, 1942) is an American singer, actress, and filmmaker. With a career spanning six decades, she has achieved success in multiple fields of entertainment and is one of the few entertainers who have been awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award (EGOT). With sales of over 150 million records worldwide, Streisand is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lists her as the highest-certified female album artist with 68.5 million album units in the United States. Billboard honored Streisand as the greatest Billboard 200 female artist of all time. Her accolades include two Academy Awards, ten Grammy Awards including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the Grammy Legend Award, five Emmy Awards, four Peabody Awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and nine Golden Globes. Here are all of Barbra Streisand’s songs ranked.

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20. Miss Marmelstein (I Can Get It for You Wholesale, 1962)

“Of course she’s the most beautiful voice ever. I have always enjoyed her concerts. This was no exception. She’s an exceptional talent, with the voice of an angel”

19. What Kind of Fool (Guilty, 1980)

“Oh my goodness, the first minute and a quarter of this song is sublime. That Rhodes keyboard with Barry and Barbara quietly singing together…it’s beautiful all the way up to Barbara’s repeating of the lyrics, “Who’s sorry now?”.

18. Send in the Clowns (The Broadway Album, 1985)

“Send in the Clowns” might not be Sondheim’s best tune, but it is one of his most accessible, and in that sense, it is his best bid for a so-called “standard” (so far). It says something about Streisand’s magnitude that she got Sondheim to update the lyrics on this his best-known song so she can further personalize it.”

17. Memory (Memories, 1981)

“Barbra’s stunning rendition of “Memory” is the definitive recording of the phenomenal CATS theme. I just love the beautiful voice of Barbra Streisand. For me these are the best songs and Cd.”

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16. Being Good Isn’t Good Enough (Release Me, 2012)

“Great opener “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough” is the perfect passionately sung opener for this great mix of tremendous performances, originally slated as lead song for “The Broadway Album” more than two decades ago, message of being best works all these years later to open this peerless collection of mesmerizing performances.”

15. Songbird (Songbird, 1978)

“Barbra Streisand herself is the Songbird, who sings for other people but feels lonely herself. The general tone is warm and romantic. The quality lies in the colourful instrumentation and the outstanding vocals.”

14. Don’t Rain On My Parade (Funny Girl, 1968)

“I LOVE BARBRA STREISAND!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a talented singer/songwriter/actress/producer/director. She truly is a renaissance woman. Check out all of her albums. They all are amazing.”

13. Kiss Me in the Rain (Wet, 1979)

“I enjoy Streisand’s clear voice. There seems to be emotion behind her words. This makes for a talented artist in my view, and is delightful to listen to.”

12. My Heart Belongs to Me (Streisand Superman, 1977)

“I Love this song. It reminds me of earlier years. Her voice is only! The emotion and heart she brings to this song are amazing! It’s the ones like this that make me forget my annoyance with Ms. Streisand.”

11. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (Songbird, 1978)

“Hated this song as a kid, as it took up time from the “good” music on the radio. I considered this a “grown-up” song, and it wasn’t until years later that I really understood how accurate that assessment was. In that childhood time of “best friends forever”, how could I expect to understand that state of mind when lovers start realizing the spark is gone?  

10. I Finally Found Someone (The Mirror Has Two Faces, 1996)

“Great song by a great lady !One of the best things is to be able to tell a story through a song. She and Bryan Adams do a fabulous job of it. Who wouldn’t want to find someone that was a perfect fit. The one you are comfortable with from the start and build a relationship from there. The best way for a lifetime together to start.”

9. Somewhere (The Broadway Album, 1985)

“With her invariable drive for vocal perfection, Ms. Streisand wowed me with this album a long time ago. It was time to update from the vinyl version and get it to all my devices so I can listen to it anytime and anywhere.”

8. No More Tears (Enough is Enough) (On the Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes I & II, 1979)

“I honestly have to wonder how Babs approved of this one. “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” couldn’t do more to satirize Streisand’s entire musical ethos than it does. The main lyrical motif of the first half is “it’s raining, it’s pouring,” for goodness sake. It’s a good thing the second half of the song is so energetic. It’s funny enough to think that Barbra Streisand could have been a great artist in addition to being a great singer had she just been given some harder rocking material; she completely outshines Donna Summer on “Enough Is Enough” on both a vocal and emotional level.”

7. The Way He Makes Me Feel (Yentl, 1983)

“The movie “Yentl”, was fantastic and so was the score, another Barbra bravo performance. She commands your attention and her timing and excellent phrasing is beyond approach.”

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6. Guilty (Guilty, 1980)

“The most uptempo single from the Guilty album, this song almost has a yacht rock feel to it.  That works in its favor. Pleasant little song.”

5. Stoney End (Stoney End, 1971)

“Streisand plays it down-home on Stoney End.  For the most part, the songs she’s selected are straight-forward affairs, no big emotional moments, or anything.”

4. The Way We Were (The Way We Were, 1974)

“To be honest I don’t get the whole Barbra Streisand phenomena but this album is decent and it contains at least few great tunes with the title track as one of the better songs of her career. Too many sound alike ballads drown this album but the overall quality is respectable.”

3. Evergreen (A Star Is Born, 1971)

“If you enjoy easy listening, this CD is for you. Streisand does not sing in this CD. It is only the music in her films. I’m a Virgo which means I’m very critical of everything. But, this CD blew me away. I absolutely love it. It brings out my emotions and my memories. My favorite is the final scene in “Nuts” when she bursts out into the streets. The music is incredible.”

2. People (People, 1964)

“Everybody knows Barbra Streisand. Not everybody likes her kind of music – the usual business. Get rid of the prejudice and listen to this album – you’ll have to admit: the girl can sing really well, she’s absolutely confident, in other words, a fully-fledged Diva already back then. The songs are well chosen suiting her perfectly, the arrangements are great beyond any doubt.”

1. Woman in Love (Guilty, 1980)

“Babs teamed up with Bee Gee Barry Gibb and scored big with the album Guilty and this the first single was a worldwide hit.  Of course we didn’t believe that she was really in love..well not with him anyway. It had been sometime since she had had a big hit of her own and this resuscitated her career somewhat. Sorry but I ain’t a big fan of hers..what kind of fucking fag are you ??? all of my straight friends exclaim..well I saw Yentl, ’nuff said.”