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Andrew Bazzi (born August 28, 1997), known mononymously by his surname, Bazzi, is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. His song “Mine”, released in October 2017, gained popularity in early 2018 when it became a meme through edits and the use of a Snapchat lens filter featuring the song. It peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and appeared on several international charts. He released his debut studio album, Cosmic, in 2018, which peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart. Bazzi worked with K-pop entertainment company SM Entertainment to co-write songs for two of their boy bands, EXO and NCT Dream. With NCT Dream, he co-wrote “We Go Up” with their member Mark for the EP, We Go Up. With EXO, he co-wrote “The Eve” for the studio album The War, and “Ooh La La La” and “Oasis” for the studio album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. He also co-wrote the song “Give Me a Chance” with Chinese singer and Exo member Lay Zhang for his studio album Namanana. In April 2019, Bazzi released “Caught in the Fire” and “Paradise”. On August 8, 2019, he released his debut mixtape Soul Searching, which includes the song “Paradise”, as well as “Focus” (featuring 21 Savage) and “I.F.L.Y.”. In 2020 Bazzi released the singles “Young & Alive” “Renee’s Song”, “I Got You”, “I Don’t Think I’m Okay”, and “Crazy”. Here are all of Bazzi’s songs ranked.

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10. Myself (Cosmic, 2018)

“I can’t even describe how this album made my 2018 year one of the most memorable of.I have played this damn album over and over again non-stop. I remember every single lyric of every song. Til this day I play it…And I think ill never get tired of it.”

9. Alone (Alone, 2016)

“You know when you listen to an artist and you proceed to listen to their other songs but it’s never as good as the first listen was? Not with Bazzi he’s honestly art.”

8. Changed (Cosmic, 2018)

“I usually don’t like anything that sounds close to rap or any modern music but, what i love about Bazzi is that his music has actual meaning and it’s nice to see that.”

Soul Searching - Album by Bazzi | Spotify

7. Star (Cosmic, 2018)

“This song just touches my heart, along with his voice is so amazing. This is a personal favorite from Bazzi. The Rhythm is on-point, its catchy and easy to sing to. Bazzi’s voice is blessed for singing”

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6. Soarin (Cosmic, 2018)

“I can’t fully explain the happy/content/lovey vibes coming from Bazzi’s music because I’ve never felt anything like it before, yet it feels familiar. Like all those things but dipped in nostalgia with some new vibes I’ve never felt.”

5. Why (Cosmic, 2018)

“This song made me see things in different perspective and has helped me through my problems. Bazzi is such and underrated artist. His songs are just beautiful.”

Bazzi - COSMIC Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

4. Honest (Cosmic, 2018)

“I love the way he`s so real with everyone and how he tells his stories using dope music he really touches people with his music and most of the time we can relate to what he is saying”

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3. 3:15 (Cosmic, 2018)

“It means that he never has met someone that makes him feel the way the girl in the song does, he would give every other girl up to be with her”

2. Beautiful (Cosmic, 2018)

“This is an unnecessarily repetitive song with basically one musical gimmick that it stretches out to the three-minute mark (and not a second more, it seems), but it’s effective, and Camila Cabello’s part at least makes it more bearable than its album counterpart.”

Beautiful – Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello – Con Tersto e Traduzione – M&B  Music Blog

1. Mine (Cosmic, 2018)

“I love this song it is beautiful and it really lets you think about that one person and it makes me smile. And you kind that are seeing this enjoy that time as a kid”