Beauty School team up with The Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell on ‘Reaper’

After recently returning to the fold with their vibrant comeback single ‘Gloom’ earlier this year, Leeds-based outfit Beauty School are back at it once again with their anthemic new single ‘Reaper’.

Teaming up with The Wonder Years vocalist Dan Campbell for their newest outing, ‘Reaper’ makes for a dazzling return to form for the six-piece. Filled with killer riffs and a euphoric atmosphere throughout, they continue their ascent as true innovators on the rise with this one.

Adding about the track, the band’s Joe Cabrera said, “We wrote this song whilst on the road with The Wonder Years. We grew up with that band and they have influenced us in so many ways. Not to mention how much we learnt from them by being on the road together. To have Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell featured on this track feels like a real full-circle moment and I couldn’t think of a voice more fitting to deliver the piercing emotion we wanted to drive home on this track.”