Berlin Albums Ranked

Berlin is an American new wave band formed in Los Angeles in 1978. The band gained commercial success in the 1980s with singles including “Sex (I’m A…)”, “The Metro”, “No More Words” and the chart-topping “Take My Breath Away” from the 1986 film Top Gun. The best-known lineup consisted of singer Terri Nunn, bass guitarist and vocalist John Crawford, keyboardist David Diamond, guitarist Ric Olsen, keyboardist Matt Reid, and drummer Rod Learned. Here are all of Berlin albums ranked.

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4. The Best Of Berlin 1979-1988 (1989)

“These are some of the best 80s songs. High energy beat and instrumentals, with the incredible vocals by Terri Nunn. Some of today’s music on the radio is only half as good as these songs. Listen and experience for yourself.”

3. Count Three & Pray (1986)

“This album is a masterpiece. Even though Berlin released Love Life and Pleasure Victim with the original line up, this album (minus David Diamond) stands above them both. Been a fan of Berlin since their hey day from early 80s, it was amazing to see this band evolve into what they released here in Count Three. Most bands of the 80s kept releasing the same crap over and over and over. Berlin was different. All their albums were ‘different’.”

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2. Love Life (1984)

“This is the best album Berlin ever released. It’s perfect from start to finish, and now it’s better sounding than ever. The expected dynamic remaster from original masters is not to be taken for granted because most reissue labels either don’t bother with new master tape transfers or they ruin it with over-compressed brick-walled sound. Rubellan Remasters always goes the extra mile in the name of quality and deserve enormous respect.”

1. Pleasure Victim (1982)

“This is an excellent blend of disco/new wave that reflects the early eighties when it was released. The songs mostly revolve around a decadent sexual theme and are driven by a pulsating tech/synth beat. Teri Nunn’s vocals are a perfect match for the songs. A bonus track of the extended 8 minute disco version of Sex has been added to the CD version of the EP. There are some good additions like Nunn’s orgasmic moanings, but it does go on a little too long and gets repetitive.”