Birdland Songs Ranked

Birdland is a studio album by the reconstituted English rock group the Yardbirds, which was released in 2003. Original drummer Jim McCarty and rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja reformed the group in 1994 and for the album, the Yardbirds lineup included lead singer and bassist John Idan, lead guitarist Gypie Mayo, and harmonica player Alan Glen. The album features contributions by several guests, including Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash, Brian May, and original group guitarist Jeff Beck. The album contains seven new originals, composed mainly by McCarty or Dreja, and eight remakes of classic Yardbirds songs from the 1960s. The song “An Original Man (A Song for Keith)” was dedicated to Keith Relf, an original Yardbirds singer who died in 1976. Here are all of Birdland’s songs ranked.

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10. The Nazz Are Blue

“The Yardbirds represent a great tradition. This album is a testament to the bands enduring importance and leadership in modern music. It is foolish to underestimate the value of Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty, founding members and rhythm section of the legendary group, known chiefly in the trade hypes as the springboard for Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page.”

9. Shapes of Things

“Scintillating “message” song, the lyric of which takes a back seat the second Jeff Beck’s feedback-drenched solo enters for the last half a minute or so. There’s a great riff in play even before that and the lyric, while guilty of some over-obvious rhymes, is a cut above the norm for the time.”

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8. Dream Within a Dream

“Dream within a dream” hit me with an almost indescribable feeling of mind opening awe. This album has the feel of a working band, rather than a one-off special project.”

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7. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago

“‘Happenings Ten Years Time Ago’ is the psychedelic music guitar freaks live for. Keith Relf’s echoing vocals are surrounded by guitars weaving in and out over a frantic groove. Beck plays one of the most impressive and obtrusive guitar solos of the late 60’s.”

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6. Mystery of Being

“The Yardbirds always were a home for great guitarists like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. And Jeff Beck of course: he is also playing now on this record. Steve Vai and Slash are the other contributing Guitarheroes.”

5. Mr. Saboteur

“Every song is a gem, with one very short embarrassing acoustic guitar solo on the final song the only weak point on the entire disc. Let’s hope that this in not just a one off recording, because this new Yardbirds is for real!! Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja have managed to put together a superb ensemble.”

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4. For Your Love

“Blues purist Eric Clapton was so disgusted that the Yardbirds recorded this “pop song” that he left the band. Which just shows you how snotty and dumb blues purists can be. Who would seriously swap this magnificent slice of chamber pop for the half-assed R&B covers they’d been churning out previously?”

3. Crying Out for Love

“Among the fine new songs the at least three of them deserves a mention. McCarty’s “Crying Out for Love” is a very catchy tune. Sounds like a 1960?s song; could easily have been a hit in those days.”

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2. My Blind Life

“Dreja chipped in “My Blind Life,” which sounds like an outtake from one of Clapton’s blander solo albums, despite some witty lyrics and a slide guitar from Jeff Beck.”

1. Train Kept a Rollin

“An Original Man (Song for Keith),” a poignant, inventive, and suitable tribute to Keith Relf that is the best thing on the whole CD. Acoustic and electric guitar solos, heartfelt lyrics and a Gregorian chant fade provide the backdrop for a soulful John Idan vocal to create a marvelously atmospheric work that can sit proudly alongside “Still I’m Sad,” “Turn Into Earth” and “Glimpses.”