Birdy Songs Ranked

Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde (born 15 May 1996), better known by her stage name Birdy, is an English singer, songwriter, and musician. She won the music competition Open Mic UK in 2008, at the age of 12. Her debut single, a cover version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”, was her breakthrough, charting all across Europe and earning platinum certification six times in Australia. Her self-titled debut album, Birdy, was released on 7 November 2011 to similar success, peaking at number one in Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Her second studio album, Fire Within, was released on 23 September 2013 in the UK. At the 2014 Brit Awards, she was nominated for Best British Female Solo Artist. Her third studio album, Beautiful Lies, was released on 25 March 2016. Her fourth studio album Young Heart was released on 30 April 2021. Here are all of Birdy’s songs ranked.

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10. Strange Birds (Fire Within, 2013)

“I believe that this speaks of a girl who is generally ignored and tries to stay under the radar. She is finally noticed by someone, who seems intent on learning of her. She says that they always liked the strange birds, meaning her, as people usually perceive quiet and introverted people as strange.”

9. All About You (Fire Within, 2013)

“Listening to this song is such an irony because the one who dedicated this song to me couldn’t even stay during my sickness. It’s funny how people just walk into our lives and claim to know us, Understand us. But in reality, they don’t. They just sound beautiful like this song.”

8. The A Team (Live in London, 2012)

“It is rare finding someone who can truly sing one of Ed’s songs. Ed’s voice and touch are inimitable and most of the covers I hear are terrible. But Birdy… Birdy truly took it to another level. She reinterpreted the song, singing in a pure and, at the same moment, passionate way that no one but her could have afforded. I love this cover as much as the original.”

Fire Within (Deluxe) - Album by Birdy | Spotify

7. 1901 (Birdy, 2011)

“I think this song is about a relationship in which the two people are both sort of aware that it isn’t working, but neither want to separate. So there isn’t any emotion in the relationship and it’s based upon sex. In the first paragraph, it’s talking about the two people arguing (from a man’s point of view). The woman is talking about what’s wrong and he’s thinking that it isn’t as complicated as what she’s saying. We’re just not supposed to be together.”

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6. Not About Angels (The Fault in Our Stars: Music From the Motion Picture, 2014)

“This is such a great song. It fit with the movie so well. I had to break out the tissue for the movie as well as the song. I haven’t found a song by Birdy that I don’t like. Great vocals and tone. She also plays the piano with almost all of her songs.”

5. Without a Word (Birdy, 2011)

“At first, this song to me was a love song, but not an ordinary one. It was about a relationship that was spiraling downwards to the point of the man (or it could be a woman too) leaving, and that man/woman was saying that it meant nothing, and kind of being nonchalant about it.”

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4. Shelter (Birdy, 2011)

“She’s willing to take huge risks that most people would not take and that she hadn’t gone so far to take with him previously, just to be able to make him understand how she feels about him. But words just aren’t enough to explain and express her feelings. She has to show him how she feels. Maybe expressing it through imagery created in poetry or music in order to be able to truly understand what she is feeling.”

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3. People Help the People (Birdy, 2011)

“People help the people… These days that message is more important than ever. Stop wars. Spread kindness. Everybody needs everybody. Thanks Birdy for capturing the vibe so well”

2. Wings (Fire Within, 2013)

“I believe this song is about someone remembering the good moments with someone special. The line ‘We’d remember tonight for the rest of our lives’ indicates that this person specifically told her to remember that perfect moment and to forget the confinement of these ‘walls’, which in my interpretation means this life and all the difficulties we endure, I believe the line ‘if these wings could fly’ indicates that the other person has passed and she wants to be with him.”

Birdy's 'Beautiful Lies': EW Review |

1. Skinny Love (Birdy, 2011)

“Skinny love talks about a love which is fragile and delicate, easily broken, hence “skinny”. “Just last the year” refers to how the relationship between the two is often tumultuous, and she hopes that their love can last the year.”