Blackout Songs Ranked

Blackout is the eighth studio album by the German rock band Scorpions. It was released in 1982 on Harvest Records and Mercury Records. After losing his voice during the writing of the album lead singer Klaus Meine had to undergo surgery on his vocal cords and was uncertain as to whether or not he would be able to record. Demos of the material were recorded with singer Don Dokken. However, none of those recordings are featured on the album, and Dokken is only credited with backing vocals. In Kerrang! issue 12 Rudolf Schenker said that he could not choose between his guitar solos on “China White” so the US and European releases differed in this detail. A self-portrait of artist Gottfried Helnwein is featured on the cover of the album. Rudolf Schenker portrays this character in the “No One Like You” music video. The RIAA certified Blackout Gold on 24 June 1982 and Platinum on 8 March 1984. “China White” was used as entrance music for the professional wrestling tag team The Skyscrapers in World Championship Wrestling. Rolling Stone ranked Blackout as 73rd on their list of “The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time” in 2017. Here are all of Blackout’s songs ranked.

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9. Arizona

“Arizona – inspired by the Scorpions’previous US tour is another bouncy solid rhythmed song. The performances on this album are perfect for what they were doing.”

8. China White

“The stand out here is ‘China White’ has a killer heavy bass, drum intro that’ll have you day dreaming of the big 80’s. Lot of cool guitar riffing fills the song out.”

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7. Can’t Live Without You

“Can’t Live Without You” opens with a memorable chugging rhythm and a guitar riff that screams “It’s party time!” Good enough chorus, though sort of mindless but I won’t fault it since I enjoy it.”

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6. Now!

“Scorpions drop in “Now!,” which just might be the heaviest moment on the whole record. This comes from the tune’s abundant use of its steady, meaty, and energetically up-tempo guitar chugging.”

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5. You Give Me All I Need

“You Give Me All I Need” contains a solid guitar line leading into a romantic-style verse and a straight forward chorus. Normally simplicity to THIS extent would drive me mad but… the Scorpions are different I suppose.”

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4. When the Smoke is Going Down

“When The Smoke Is Going Down”, which is about the feeling of playing a live show, melacholic but an amazing work of art with an incredible voice work by Klaus Meine, for me it’s the best ballad they’ve ever written.”

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3. Dynamite

 “Dynamite” contains a simple chorus and what’s especially simple and borderline mindless is the way Klaus screams “DYNAMIIIIITE!”. At least I can forgive this example of clumsiness thanks to the fast-paced rocking nature of the song.”

2. Blackout

“Blackout” has a catchy verse melody and solid chorus. What more does it need? It’s a classic. It never got the recognition that some of the other Scorpions songs continue to receive on radio airwaves which is unfortunate.”

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1. No One Like You

“No One Like You of course rocks, everyone’s heard it. I really enjoyed this album, its thoroughly and consistantly good. Very METAL! So after that I purchased Love at First Sting. I thought I would love that album as well, thinking it would be a progression from Blackout but I’m disappointed in that one!”