Blake Shelton Albums Ranked

Blake Tollison Shelton (born June 18, 1976)  is an American country music singer and television personality. In 2001, he made his debut with the single “Austin”. The lead-off single from his self-titled debut album, “Austin” spent five weeks at number one on the billboard hot Country Songs chart. The now Platinum-certified debut album also produced two more top 20 entries (“All Over Me” and “Ol’ Red”). Shelton is also known for his role as a judge on the televised singing competitions Nashville Star, Clash of the Choirs, and as a coach on NBC’s The Voice. He has been on The Voice since its inception, and in seven of eighteen seasons (2–4, 7, 11, 13, 18), a member of his team has won. Here are all of Blake Shelton albums ranked.

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10. Startin’ Fires (2008)

“There was no doubt that Blake has one of the finest voices in country music today. This album full of solid songs will showcase his rich voice. love She Wouldn’T Be Gone and Startin’ Fires. I’ll Hold On is another of the best songs Enjoy!

9. If I’m Honest (2016)

“This album way over the top as far as my expectations are concerned. I am still amazed by the “COMPLETE” honesty that was exhibited in the lyrics to the songs on this album. It is rarely, at least in my opinion , that males will admit openly to how much emotionally they are/have been affected by a personal relationship. In this case to the entire world! It seems as though in our society, that is considered a sign of weakness. “

8. Fully Loaded: God’s Country (2019)

“He has eclectic selections of songs on his albums, so if you don’t happen to love one song, stick around as the next one may become a favorite. I have yet to be disappointed in an album of his music because he has something for every taste in real country music. His song, “This is God’s Country” is so important a reminder to all of us that we are here for a short while and what we have is a gift from our Creator, God. Other songs are feisty, romantic, honky-tonk, and etc.”

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7. Cheers, It’s Christmas. (2012)

“I’m a sucker for Blake Shelton’s voice and he didn’t disappoint with his Christmas album. His selection of songs was good as it has a mix of classic and current to please both audiences. The wide variety of guest stars complement each song, but my favorite is “Home” with Michael Bublé. This album is a must for anyone who loves Blake Shelton’s music, loves country music, or just loves Christmas!”

6. Bringing Back The Sunshine (2014)

“So happy to hear some true honkey tonk anthems. Just getting started and neon light are some of my favorites both party anthems. Buzzing has a unique grove. I need my girl and sangria are heartfelt love songs like his previous songs you’ll always be beautiful and who are you when I’m not looking. Gonna and bringing back the sunshine capture the upbeat style of love songs. Lonely tonight is a soul wrenching duet with Ashley Monroe which shows off an impressive weaving of vocal harmonies.”

5. Blake Shelton (2001)

“The whole CD is well written and flawlessly sung. The two songs that really made an impression on me are: Problems at Home and Same Old Song. I think popular music often does not have many songs with lyrics that are smart and deep. These two songs really speak to many things that we don’t hear often enough and do it in a way that makes it undeniably heard.”

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4. Pure BS (2007)

“This is Pure Brilliant Songs – normally you get a CD and really love two or three songs. Not with this one – I love them all – I play it on my commute to work – now I wish I had a longer commute. It is easy to tell that he really feels these songs when he sings them. I can’t say enough good things about this CD.”

3. Blake Shelton’s Barn & Grill (2004)

” I was especially impressed with his renditions of “Some Beach” and “Cotton Pickin’ Time,” which Shelton sings with sly country humor; and his cover of Conway Twitty’s power ballad “Goodbye Time” is performed with such passion that it actually brought a tear to my eye. Only one song – “The Bartender” – I didn’t particularly care for, but that wasn’t because of Shelton’s performance. I just didn’t like the lyrics or arrangement.”

2. Based On A True Story… (2013)

“The songs are wonderful and Blake knows how to tell stories about people and situations. It’s a wonderful upbeat CD and the arrangement of the songs is great. I Don’t recommend listening to it before bed because you will want to dance, laughing. It would be a way to get going in the morning.”

1. Red River Blue (2011)

“Red River Blue will now be the standard that Blake will have to meet for his future albums,as it’s that good! Blake’s albums are generally ballad heavy but he’s thrown that old habit out the window and given us an album that will have you bopping your head along to.Such as the incredibly catchy Honey Bee, Ready To Roll, Get Some and Hey.”