Bloc Party Songs Ranked

Bloc Party is an English rock band, composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, sampler), Russell Lissack (lead guitar, keyboards), Justin Harris (bass guitar, keyboards, saxophones, backing vocals), and Louise Bartle (drums, percussion). Former members Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes left the band in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Their brand of music, whilst rooted in rock, retains elements of other genres such as electronica and house music. The band was formed at the 1999 Reading Festival by Okereke and Lissack. They went through a variety of names before settling on Bloc Party in 2003. Moakes joined the band after answering an advert in NME magazine, while Tong was picked via an audition. Bloc Party got their break by giving BBC Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq and Franz Ferdinand’s lead singer, Alex Kapranos, a copy of their demo “She’s Hearing Voices” Here are all of Bloc Party songs ranked.

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15. The Once and Future King (A Weekend in the City, 2007)

“Glorious guitar rhythms coupled with fun, energizing drum patterns. That’s already enough to get me hooked. There’s so much grace in this song. The intro’s also magnificent.”

14. Little Thoughts (Little Thoughts, 2004)

“My favorite because its got a great melody, base everything. Also although I like bloc party’s newer stuff I love how this song represents their roots and its like a throwback to bands like Sum 41, blink 182. I love how the guitar is obvious with that obvious riff which remains in the chorus and even the build up and end.”

13. The Prayer (A Weekend in the City, 2007)

“‘The Prayer’ the first single released from the album, in the UK at least, is a song that changes the entire direction of the rest of Bloc Party’s career with the addition of one instrument, the drum machine. Catchy as hell this song is Bloc Party’s highest charting in the UK coming in at number 4, the lyrics are motivational, the music is danceable and upbeat, with its breakbeat influences this track is exceptional.”

Bloc Party A Weekend In The City UK CD album (CDLP) (419939)

12. Two More Years (Silent Alarm, 2005)

“Again another one of bloc party’s that starts great and retains that greatness throughout. Also the best intro to a song ever.”

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11. I Still Remember (A Weekend in the City 2007)

“‘I Still Remember’ is a track that brings back many memories for me of many not so great times so for that personal connection I rate it highly but it can get a bit sluggish at times, the track its self is borderline-emo.”

10. Waiting for the 7:18 (A Weekend in the City, 2007)

“My most beloved song-someone said once that Kele is one of the most outstanding poets of our century-absolutely true for me. Every line of this song means a lot, most of all I like “If I could do it again, I’d make more mistakes, I’d climb more trees, I’d eat and pick more wild blackberries”. Pure masterpiece.. Magical music completes this song and make it perfect. Wish I could hear it live someday.”

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm Album Review | Pitchfork

9. Kreuzberg (A Weekend in the City, 2007)

“‘Kreuzberg’ is the track which has the most obvious similarities to OK Computer here very reminiscent of ‘Let Down’ from that album the track is all good, right up until that climax. The song makes me cry but those ending lyrics of “after sex the bitter taste” just downright puts me off it, right at the very end as well!”

8. Flux (A Weekend in the City, 2007)

“Flux wonderfully uses auto tune to make a catchy as hell track, that brings Bloc Party to the clubs and even brought them love from publications that openly hate indie music such as ‘Popjustice. The world was seemingly in BP’s hands after this track was released.”

7. Octopus (FOUR (Deluxe Version), 2012)

“Love the breathing/panting at the start. The background frantic riff going on throughout the song is a plus. Incredibly catchy tune.”

Four - Album by Bloc Party | Spotify

6. Hunting for Witches (A Weekend in the City, 2007

“”Hunting For Witches” is the most Silent-Alarm esque track on the album with the politically themed lyrics of a post 7/7 London, it is certainly one of the better tracks lyrically on this album.”

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5. Blue Light (Silent Alarm Remixed, 2005)

“This song is interesting how its slow in parts and fast in others but on the whole is a very relaxing song and very clear lyrics, and a memorable melody.”

4. Like Eating Glass (Silent Alarm Remixed, 2005)

“Crazy guitar effects, drumming insanity, and perfection of bass timing. All kept in a subtle tone. Awesome song for working out to, as its really uplifting, and probably has the best drumming I have ever heard.”

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm Remixed Album Review | Pitchfork

3. This Modern Love (Silent Alarm Remixed, 2005)

“I heard this song in How I Met Your Mother season1 and the episode was “come on”. This song enters when Ted makes it rain and goes out for Robin and both end up together and then it also plays when it is shown at the end of the episode where we see that Lily called of the wedding and there was a depressed Marshall sitting. Great song drumming was great and the bass and guitar were also spectacular.”

2. Banquet (Kleinruppin Forever, 2004)

“This song is just the meaning of cool, the song builds and builds and leaves with you with the same great lasting impression even if your hearing it for the hundredth time.”

1. Helicopter (The Bands 05, 2004)

“Helicopter is a good, radio friendly pop track with catchy hooks and the kind of chorus that can get stuck in your head for a week. Whether it’s the best representation of the band is irrelevant — it will garner interest from the average pop-rock fan in radio or music video world without departing too drastically from their established sound and genre.”