Blue Oyster Cult Songs Ranked

Blue Öyster Cult (often abbreviated BÖC or BOC) is an American rock band formed in Stony Brook, New York in 1967, best known for the singles “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, “Burnin’ for You”, “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll”, and “Godzilla.” They have sold 25 million records worldwide, including seven million in the United States alone. The band’s music videos, especially “Burnin’ for You,” received heavy rotation on MTV when the music television network premiered in 1981, cementing the band’s contribution to the development and success of the music video in modern popular culture.
Blue Öyster Cult’s longest-lasting and the most commercially successful lineup included Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser (lead guitar, vocals), Eric Bloom (lead vocals, “stun guitar”, keyboards, synthesizers), Allen Lanier (keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Joe Bouchard (bass, vocals), and Albert Bouchard (drums, percussion, vocals). The band’s current lineup still includes Bloom and Roeser, in addition to Danny Miranda (bass, backing vocals), Jules Radino (drums, percussion), and Richie Castellano (keyboard, rhythm guitar, lead, and backing vocals). Here are the Blue Oyster Cult songs ranked.

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20. 7 Screaming Diz-Busters (On Your Feet or on Your Knees, 1975)

“If you like hard rock and great guitar riffs and kick ass baseline, this is a must hear. One of my all time favorite rock songs. Listen close. It is so good.”

19. In Thee (Mirrors, 1979)

“Written by Keyboardist/ Guitarist Allen Lanier, In the was a minor hit off Mirrors- but it should have been bigger. It such a heartfelt song. Perfect ballad made for radio. Very touching and meaningful, an underrated and forgotten rock ballad, this deserves to be a classic!”

18. Joan Crawford (Don’t Fear The Reaper, 1981)

“Epic song, “no no no, no no noo” amazing singing quality, Blue Oyster Cult is honestly the best band that gave pure american psychedelic rock.”

17. Fire of Unknown Origin (Fire of Unknown Origin, 1981)

“The original version of this song (which can be found on YouTube) isn’t on any of the original albums, but is a bonus track on the CD of Agents Of Fortune. It is so much better than the more well-known version. It is really dark, and he sounds sick and crazy.”

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16. Teen Archer (Tyranny and Mutation, 1973)

“Probably their best song, a rarity, a short song with an epic melodic arc.The keyboard solves could not be better, and the ascending guitar licks that precede the final (and impressively looser) last verse are just phenomenal. If you don’t know it, learn it.”

15. The Vigil (Mirrors, 1979)

“It is the heavy song from the more poppy Mirrors- an album that was maligned when released, but like fine wine, holds up real well today. The Vigil has that iconic Buck opening riff and it is a creepy, powerful song with dual lead vocals- a strength of BOC. The band with two lead vocalists (Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma) and two (Albert and Joe Bouchard) that also sing lead on many songs. It’s like having 4 bands in one!”

14. Take Me Away (The Revölution by Night, 1983)

“I remember this tune having limited airplay on album rock radio over 30 years ago, then never played afterwards. MSG in the 1980’s had the tune What We Need, but I’d thought that it sounded like a tune that I’d heard before. It sounds very much like Take Me Away. I think B.O.C. should get more credit for this minor hit of their.”

13. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver (Fire of Unknown Origin, 1981)

“This is one of their most heaviest songs- if you play guitar, the riff is intoxicating! Was made for the movie Heavy Metal, but wasn’t picked- and I can’t figure out why..”

12. Monsters (Cultösaurus Erectus, 1980)

“Epic! Starts with a crushing riff courtesy of Buck Dharma, later it goes into a Mos Eisley cantina-style jazz interlude, then into a catchy chorus (with creepy vocal harmonies), and the lyrics are about gangbanging a chick on a spaceship as it blasts off into outer space.”

11. Then Came the Last Days of May (Blue Öyster Cult, 1972)

“Buck says this song based on true story…maybe this is what makes this ballad so enthralling. Just wish it was a longer story…but as long as Buck extends it with his amazing guitar work…I’m ok…best of underrated BOC!”

10. Flaming Telepaths (Secret Treaties, 1974)

“This is the epitome of BOC. Amazing musicianship, creepy vibe, erudite lyrics involving alchemy and transformation. Great vocals, amazing synth lead and piano work. Buck is amazing on guitar but what differentiates BOC from other hard rock bands is the role of the keyboards, particularly Allen Lanier’s Piano and Organ work. This is a great song which leads right into Astronomy.”

9. See You in Black (Heaven Forbid, 1998)

“This is BOC on steroids! I can’t say enough about the entire Heaven Forbid album. This song is power, pure and simple. Warning- if you are driving the car, this one can get you a speeding ticket!”

8. Harvest Moon (Heaven Forbid, 1998)

“Almost unknown late offering. It’s from the underappreciated Heaven Forbid album which just rocks- probably their heaviest album ever! Harvest Moon harkens back to that Reaper feel- an awesome Buck offering. If this song was released in the late 70’s, it would have been a huge hit!”

7. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Blue Öyster Cult., 1972)

“So heavy for it’s time, timeless riffing and the drums fit perfectly along with Albert Bouchard’s vocals, huge live staple and the musicianship is flawless. Is there a more well known guitar lick? I can sing it word for word and that is a rarity.”

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6. Veteran of the Psychic Wars (Don’t Fear The Reaper, 1981)

“This song is like wings that will make you fly higher than clouds so you could look down at all the human race and feel something special. More than psychedelic. he live version found on the Extraterrestrial Live album is absolutely superb. The middle section is something to behold in awe.”

5. Vengeance (The Pact) (Fire of Unknown Origin, 1981)

“One of their creepiest songs- I LOVE it! The Fire of Unknown Origin LP is a must have for any fan of hard rock. Vengeance (The Pact) is one of the highlights.”

4. Godzilla (Spectres, 1977)

“Blue Oyster Cult is awesome to me because they sound slightly like the Beatles and are extremely catchy. This is the #1 song for me it grabs you and says.. Hey bud. Let’s party..

3. Burnin’ for You (Don’t Fear The Reaper, 1981)

“Sick guitar solo’s throughout! But that ending is just phenomenal! I am guaranteed to break the speed limit if I am listening to this song. And my rock goes all the way to 11 with this song! Still much respect to Don’t Fear The Reaper!”

2. Astronomy (Secret Treaties 1974)

“I have been a BOC fan since their second album, Tyranny and Mutation. Best all around album is Spectres. Best version of Astronomy is from their album Imaginos. (Their drummer is a genius. Listen intensely to that version as well as to Don’t Fear the Reaper to discover what I am referring to). Best song is Golden Age of Leather. The melodies change throughout the song but they all tie in cohesively. Many masterpieces from them.”

1. (Don’t Fear) the Reaper (Agents of Fortune, 1976)

“Simply the best song by BOC. Combine the haunting lyrics, which tell us not to fear death, with the beautiful music produced by one of the best bands of the 70s, and this song is the result: a masterpiece. Insane and packed with meaning. What more could one ask for?”