Bread Songs Ranked

The bread was an American soft rock band from Los Angeles, California. They had 13 songs chart on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1970 and 1977. The band was fronted by David Gates (vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, violin, viola, percussion), with Jimmy Griffin (vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion) and Robb Royer (bass guitar, guitar, flute, keyboards, percussion, recorder, backing vocals). On their first album session musicians, Ron Edgar played drums and Jim Gordon played drums, percussion, and piano. Mike Botts became their permanent drummer when he joined in the summer of 1969, and Larry Knechtel replaced Royer in 1971, playing keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, and harmonica. Here are all of the Bread songs ranked.

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20. Truckin’ (Manna, 1971)

“Some Bread songs I really like where they just about stay this side of the sloppy sentimental divide, but I must admit this one I struggle to defend too strongly. It does sound just too bland and calculating to my ears, less like it was written to or inspired by a real person. Superior hack work.”

19. Make It by Yourself (Guitar Man, 1972)

“Each and everyone of us – alone or with someone have to ” make it by yourself “! If you don’t, you can’t be truly happy or bring happiness to the ones you love!”

18. Dismal Day (Bread, 1969)

“The most impressive song by them in my opinion, vocally and instrumentally. “Dismal Day” has got to be one of the most incongruous music-lyric combinations ever:  generally hopeless lyrics against a melody and arrangement that make “perky” sound depressed.

17. Down On My Knees (Baby I’m-a Want You, 1972)

“Just love this shows Bread’s harder sound. Great drums on this. Another great rocker… Excellent song

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16. Too Much Love (Manna, 1971)

“A great Griffin-Royer song, one of the best on the album “Manna”. True bread fans love the songs that weren’t on the radio…very partial to this one in particular.”

15. Daughter (Baby I’m-a Want You, 1972)

“Bread was hokey, but at least they knew it.  The band had a definite sound that benefited from the input of all the members, and not just David Gates who wrote nearly all the singles.  James Griffin wrote a fair number of the album tracks.  They were very competent players in a soft-rock vein.”

14. Sweet Surrender (Guitar Man, 1972)

“This just sums up Real Love, not sure at first but it is what it means to be ready for love! I shared this song with someone I truly loved in my past life! it says it all!”

13. Let Your Love Go (Manna, 1971)

“I’ve been tasting the love you been wasting! Every woman should know – all men know – that’s what women do! Ahead of its time, sounds like it could have been a hit in disco-era”

12. Look What You’ve Done (On the Waters, 1970)

“”Wonderful lyrics. My favorite song of all That Griffin voice was the best.. A very underrated song and not written by Gates”

11. I Can’t Find the Words to Say Goodbye (Greatest Hits & Essentials, 1973)

“This song is probably the best of all Bread songs. It has a awesome intro and outro, and every guitar player can really relate to the song.”

10. Mother Freedom (Baby I’m-a Want You, 1972)

“I like to see this song make the list, because even though it got a bit of airplay, it was one of the many ‘unknowns’. They had a lot of these on their albums; they were much deeper than folks gave them credit for.”

9. Aubrey (Guitar Man, 1972)

“I think the song can make the listeners melting even though they don’t understand the meaning of the song. It’s because the music especially guitar is very strong..”

8. Baby I’m-A Want You (Baby I’m-a Want You, 1972)

“I really like Bread.They are a band who produced some memorable singles . one or two of which have become standards,They also come up with some really good album tracks,the only downside is that there are only two or three on each album the rest morphing into a wall of sugary soft blandnitude.”

7. Guitar Man (Guitar Man, 1972)

“Some of the songs on The Best of Bread, They hit my heart and soul back in 1973 when I went to their concert for the first and last time in my life. I was really touched by it and always will be. This is my first love life and my last of 45 years. BEST of BREAD and POP ROCK STAR ELVIS FOREVER AND EVER.”

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6. Lost Without Your Love (Lost Without Your Love, 1977)

“I have been lost without this special person that I was with and ignorantly let go. Now, decades later I still wonder and wish “what if” and I wish. This is one of the best songs to describe my feelings.”

5. It Don’t Matter to Me (Bread, 1969)

“I really like that song, it can relay based on a true story in your life. I just loved this song. The melody & lyrics. For heartbroken this is for you”

4. Diary (Baby I’m-a Want You, 1972)

“This is a total outpour of the writing talent of david gates. It’s more of a story-telling technique, which made the song in the list.”

3. If (Manna, 1971)

“The most beautiful songs I’ve heard, it is suitable heard in any situation. Thank you for creating this song, my late father’s favorite songs”

2. Make It with You (On the Waters, 1970)

“This is the song that we call “Our Song”…Still makes me cry whenever I hear it…We just celebrated our 40th Anniversary…& We’re still making’ it together…<3 It Thanks David Gates & Bread…”

1. Everything I Own (Baby I’m-a Want You, 1972)

“Totally love this song it makes you realize that love and people in our lives are the most important things in our lives. This song reaches deep into the human emotion that is experienced after losing a loved one.”