Cameo Albums Ranked

Cameo is an American soul-influenced funk group that formed in 1974. Cameo was initially a 14-member group known as the New York City Players; this name was later changed to Cameo, because there was already another band using that name. When his manager asked him to choose a new name for the band, Larry Blackmon saw a billboard ad for Cameo cigarettes outside of the window of the hotel he was staying at, and chose that name. As of 2009, some of the original members continue to perform together, while two others were hired by the hip hop group Outkast. In 2015, Cameo announced a new residency show at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, opening in March 2016. On February 20, 2019, Larry Blackmon of Cameo announced “El Passo”, the first new single from the band in 19 years. Here are all of Cameo albums ranked.

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6. Feel Me (1980)

“‘Feel Me’ is another of those post-Disco/pre-Thriller recordings that only hardcore fans would know and appreciate. IMO this is one of Cameo’s best albums(my personal fave of theirs); frankly I feel its right there with ‘Word Up’. ‘Throw It Down’ is the quintessential Cameo dance floor stomper, and ‘Your Love Takes Me Out’ and ‘Keep It Hot’ are as funky as they come. And while the title track is smoldering, my fave ballad is ‘Better Days’; a number that walks the line between breakup heartache and a churched-up soul-stirring shouter. A must have for true fans of Funk”

5. Cardiac Arrest (1977)

“The emphasis in this period of Cameo’s career is on the rhythm section with electronics pushed to the wayside as is typical of most funk bands in the mid 70’s.And there’s plenty of that here with “Still Feels Good”,”Good Times” and the stomping “Post Mortem”.There are two undisputable funk classics here-the hit “Rigor Mortis” (which we all pretty much know) and “Funk Funk”-the undeniable Star Trek parody which,because of it’s rapped lyrics and crazy rhythm bought up the P-Funk comparasins.And this album also contains two great ballads in “Smile” and “Stay By My Side”,especially since Cameo were obviously not trying for ballads.”

4. Single Life (1985)

“Their playing demonstrates a wide range of styles including Rap,Reggae and Rock. Even though Cameo switches styles throughout this 1985 disc,their One-of-a-Kind Funk Sound dominates the overall feel & vibe of the album. “Attack Me With Your Love” is Loose & Laid-back Funk with a synthesizer-laced groove while “Single Life” is a Ruff & Ready,almost risque Jam about the thrills of ‘living the single life’. Though those jams are kickin’,the absolute highlight of the album can be found in “I’ve Got Your Image”,a beautifully-arranged uptempo number that is defined by its instantly infectious keyboard melody”

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3. She’s Strange (1984)

“She’s Strange is one of Cameo’s most essential albums. Released in 1984, it was an interesting mix of musical styles. Cameo experimented with many different styles such as Reggae(Tribute to Bob Marley),Rap(The explosive title cut She’s Strange),Rock(on the dynamic New Wave-Inspired track,Talking Out The Side Of Your Neck & Le Ve Toi)and even Jazz(with the smooth nite time grooves of Love You Anyway & Hangin’ Downtown,Check out those Jazz Guitar Licks!).”

2. Alligator Woman (1982)

“The first half of the album is a SERIOUS funk party. Having paired Cameo down to a quartet Larry Blackman,the bands frontman suddenly gives Charles Singleton,master guitarist and underheralded force in the band a chance to really stretch out not only on his axe but on keyboards as well.”

1. Word Up! (1986)

“‘Word Up!’ is my all-time favorite song to dance and sing along to (I loved Larry’s ‘Oww!’ and rapping in the song as well as the drums and keyboards); ‘Candy’ is another great song to sing along and dance to and I loved the drums, horns and guitars as well as the vocals by the band”