Candlebox Albums Ranked

Candlebox is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington. Since its formation in 1990, the group has released six studio albums, several charting singles, a compilation, and a CD+DVD. Candlebox found immediate success with the release of its self-titled debut album in July 1993. Candlebox featured four singles: “Change”, “You”, “Far Behind” and “Cover Me”. “Far Behind” reached the top 20, and the album was certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA. The band’s next album, Lucy (1995), was certified gold, and Happy Pills was released in 1998. After troubles with its record company, Candlebox broke up in 2000. The band reunited in 2006 and released its fourth album, Into the Sun, in 2008. The latest Candlebox album, Disappearing in Airports, was released April 22, 2016. Here are all of Candlebox albums ranked.

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8. The Best Of Candlebox (2006)

“”The Best of Candlebox” is a very good overview of this awesome band’s work. It has all their major hits — “Change,” “Cover Me,” “Simple Lessons,” “Understanding,” “10,000 Horses,” “It’S Alright,” “Happy Pills,” and, of course, “Far Behind,” which is the one tune of theirs that is known to the average alt-rock fan — along with a sampling of album tracks, mainly drawn from “Candlebox” and “Lucy”, plus the relative rarity of “Glowing Soul,” which was originally on the soundtrack to the Adam Sandler comedy “The Waterboy”.

7.Alive In Seattle (2008)

“If you were in to music in the mid nineties, and liked Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, etc. I am sure you liked this band. This is like a greatest hits live version album, it has all the great songs that made this band.”

6. Disappearing In Airports (2016)

“Disappearing In Airports looks to be following in the same path, not a bad song on it for my tastes and some excellent music all around. I thought with the change in band members I may not like the new stuff as well but nothing was lost and there does seem to be a fresher sound. Spotlights is incredible and should be a huge radio hit if radio would give it a chance. Now it looks like Candlebox will occupy two spots in my five disc changer. Thanks Kevin and Candlebox for the excellent music!”

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5. Love Stories & Other Musings (2012)

“Every album is rock solid, and this one is no exception. The first nine songs are the new ones, and there are some absolute gems here. Baby Love Me is my favorite so far. Super catchy, slow in spots, but builds to a rocking chorus. Most of the new songs are catchy enough they rotate through my head when I’m not listening to the CD. They would all fit in seamlessly on Into the Sun. As for the five re-recorded songs, they’re not different enough that I really understand why they bothered to re-record them. But they’re all good songs and it’s nice to hear them again, so I won’t take off points for including them.”

4. Lucy (1995)

“”Lucy” is actually a really great album. It’s like post-punk meets metal with a somewhat avant garde approach. They use soft to loud dynamics sometimes but a lot of the time, they are great with creating a noisy, Sonic Youth like atmosphere involving shredding and great riffage. They also have great use of effects on certain songs too. I say to anyone reading this, don’t dismiss these guys as a flash in the pan, not worth your time band if you like the type of sound I just described.”

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3. Into The Sun (2008)

“When listening to Into the Sun you will not hear a grunge or “wannabe grunge” record but rather, you will hear a dynamic record which draws from various classic and hard rock influences as Candlebox always has. Right from the first notes of “Stand” you can hear Kevin Martin paying homage to one of his heroes, Robert Plant, in a vocal phrasing reminiscent of “Immigrant Song”. There are moments which include psychedelic rock riffs, a Lennon-esque ballad and an attitude spitting rocker which takes the listener back to the classic days of Aerosmith and Van Halen.”

2. Happy Pills (1998)

“”Happy Pills” will most definitely make you happy – even w/out the pills! (Sorry…bad joke 🙂 But really, people, this is the creme de la creme; it just doesn’t get any better than this. Candlebox aims to please and thoroughly does so on this third and final album (sigh…Candlebox, come back!). I can honestly, unabashedly say that every song on this album is excellent. Even the one or two tracks that aren’t so great are still great – if you know what I mean. You asked for better (after “Lucy”), and you didn’t get that – you got the best! Ok…enough of that. Let me tell you just what makes “HP” so marvelous.”

1. Candlebox (1993)

“This is one of those albums that you can put on at any given time, and it will sound great. It is a timeless, excellent piece of rock and roll, an incredible mix of heaviness and melody.”