Christina Perri Songs Ranked

Christina Judith Perri (born August 19, 1986) is an American singer and songwriter. After her debut single “Jar of Hearts” was featured on the television series So You Think You Can Dance in 2010, Perri signed with Atlantic Records and released her debut extended play, The Ocean Way Sessions. Her debut studio album, Lovestrong (2011), followed soon after and has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Perri also gained recognition for writing and recording “A Thousand Years”, the love theme for the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012), which appears on the accompanying soundtrack. The song went on to sell over 4 million copies in the United States, being certified 4× platinum. She later released her second extended play, A Very Merry Perri Christmas (2012), followed by her second studio album, Head or Heart (2014). Here are all of Christina Perri’s songs ranked.

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20. Be My Forever (Head or Heart, 2014)

“Christina Perri said that this is the happiest song she has ever written and Ed Sheeran is the only person she wanted to sing it with. Their unique voices blend with ease to create a song that will make you smile. It is definitely a departure from their typical style for either of the artists but both nail it with an effortlessness that makes you think they’ve been singing duets together for years. It is a great song to start your day with and a perfect addition for a road-trip soundtrack!”

19. I Believe (Street Talk (Expanded Edition), 1984)

“It is such an inspirational song. Every time I listen to it tears fill my eyes. I remember to keep my head up high and gives me the strength to keep going in life. It reminds me that tomorrow will be better.”

18. Sad Song (Lovestrong, 2011)

“Beautiful, truthful, and epic. Watch Jane the virgin and you’ll understand why. Perri’s voice, the music, the world this song takes you into is simply unobtainable!”

songs for carmella: lullabies & sing-a-longs - Album by Christina Perri |  Spotify

17. Penguin (Lovestrong, 2011)

“I love this song. It is so beautiful. I think its about how in a relationship, if you get through the harsh beginning, you could find both your true love and your best friend. When penguins find a soul mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives. She’s saying that when you find your “penguin”, it isn’t because your lucky. You were fated to be together. And that’s what people strive for in their lives.”

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16. Daydream (The Ocean Way Sessions, 2010)

“There are singers who sing with passion and Christina Perri sings with passion. what else can I say except that to listen to someone sing with passion makes me feel the song rather than just hear it”

15. Miles (Lovestrong, 2011)

“In my own interpretation, I think they are couples who swear even in the hardest times not to give up on fighting for what they feel even the people around them seem to see them not perfect for each other. Until the day come that one of them gave up on the battle yet the other still struggle to fight for what is left, for what could be saved.”

Christina Perri "Head or Heart" Album Lyrics - Directlyrics

14. Bang Bang Bang (Lovestrong, 2011)

“This song is song energetic. It should be higher. You want to sing along with her. It’s about how Karma had the boy who broke her heart get his heartbroken. So lively”

13. The Words (Head or Heart, 2014)

“This song is essentially someone in love crying out for the person they have feelings for to say they feel the same way too. But as usual, Perri has a beautiful way with words.”

12. Burning Gold (Head or Heart, 2014)

“This song is just so fantastic.. It should be #1 on this list! Listen to it and see for yourself… Better yet, watch the official music video. I think that this is one of her best songs yet.”

Lovestrong. by Christina Perri on Apple Music

11. Distance (Lovestrong, 2011)

“She loves someone, and he loves her. But neither will admit it to the other, both afraid of what will happen. She wants to be with him but they won’t say anything and she just wants to give up. It breaks her heart knowing that her and him aren’t together. Wondering how long they can keep this up, how long til’ it will be considered love.”

10. I Don’t Wanna Break (Head Or Heart, 2014)

“I like that the songs on this album are all a little different. I love this one, the beat, the lyrics. The beat of this song is amazing and it’s very catchy.”

9. Bluebird (Lovestrong, 2011)

“Her first single Jar of Hearts was the perfect leading single for a debut artist, but she followed up with arms which were good, but could have used some more work. Then as her third single, she releases this track. Bang Bang Bang would have been a much better choice! Now, I wasn’t too crazy about the album (Lovestrong) but There are songs on there I did like. Jar of Hearts and Band Bang Bang is the best song off it in my opinion, and I hope that’s the next single if her record company will let her have another one-off this album.”

Christina Perri – ​bluebird Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

8. Tragedy (Lovestrong, 2011)

“I feel like she takes me on a journey with this song. It’s so fun to sing along to that I often forget it’s supposed to be sad. It doesn’t sound quite like anything else I’ve heard, which is why I’m so fascinated by it.”

7. One Night (Head or Heart, 2014)

“Christina’s songs give me ideas for books. They flow through my body and make me happy or emotional. Every one of her songs has a story behind it. You just have to find it.”

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6. The Lonely (Lovestrong, 2011)

“This song made me realize I’m not happy. And that sounds like a bad thing, but really, it isn’t. Because in order to fix a problem, a person needs to be able to see it. And this song helped me see, so thank you Christina Perri, I appreciate it so much.”

The Lonely (Christina Perri song) - Wikipedia

5. Arms (Lovestrong, 2011)

“It’s one of the few bright songs that Christina Perri has, and it’s plenty bright and pop. But it’s lyrics are meaningful too.”

4. A Thousand Years Pt. 2 (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1: The Score, 2011)

“I first heard this at the end credits of Breaking Dawn part 2, and it was some compensation for sitting through that risible movie. What a surprisingly gorgeous mid-tempo ballad! Christina’s simple and tender voice does justice to her composition. The lyrics aren’t deep, but it’s only pop music after all, and the rhymes are effective and touching.”

3. Human (Head or Heart, 2014)

“I always thought Christina Perri was one of those really insensitive celebrities. Then I listened to a bunch of her songs and I was like, hey she really good, how did I not listen to her music before? And then I listened to Human and, oh my god, I was in love. Everything-the music, the lyrics, the way she sung it, the video- I mean everything was painstakingly beautiful. She’s now one of my favorite artists.”

Human by Christina Perri | Song | Free Music, Listen Now on Myspace

2. Jar of Hearts (Lovestrong, 2011)

“Yes it’s a by-the-numbers radio pop ballad, yes the vocalist has no personality (and even less so run through the contemporary studio filter that makes every singer sound alike, even regardless of sex), yes you’ve heard the twee piano & violin orchestration too many times, BUT I promise that Jar of Hearts brings a tear of the truest emotion into my eye every time I listen to it, which I’ve found myself doing half a dozen times in a row on some occasions. So suck it, it is a beautiful song, will not even declare it a guilty pleasure!”

1. A Thousand Years (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1: The Score, 2011)

“Listening to it makes me want to fall in love. You can close your eyes, put on your headphones, and this song somehow brings back in slideshow mode every memory you had of love. Unconsciously, somehow it makes you sieve out the loves and the flings. Makes me cry with its rush of feelings.’