Cole Swindell Songs Ranked

Colden Rainey “Cole” Swindell (born June 30, 1983) is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has written singles for Craig Campbell, Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery, and Luke Bryan, and has released three albums for Warner Bros. Records Nashville. He has released nine singles, seven of which have charted within the Top 5 of Hot Country Songs and/or Country Airplay. Swindell released “Break Up in the End”, the lead single from his third album, on February 23, 2018. The new album, All of It, was released on August 17, 2018. After the album became available for pre-order in July 2018, Swindell released the #1 track “Love You Too Late” as a promotional single. “Love You Too Late” was announced as the album’s official second single, being released to radio on November 19, 2018. Here are all of Cole Swindell’s albums ranked. Here are all of Cole Swindell’s songs ranked.

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8. Middle of a Memory (You Should Be Here, 2016)

“Love this album! I’m new to listening to Cole, so I am very happy that I bought this album based on listening to one of his songs that I came across. “Flatliner” and “You Should Be Here” are my favourites but the whole album is really good!”

7. Flatliner (You Should Be Here, 2016)

“This is such an amazing music. I never thought I would every enjoy this country music, but I love it. It’s so refreshing from listing to the pop and hip pop music today.”

6. You Should Be Here (You Should Be Here, 2016)

“Cole’s voice has some Georgia grit amid that smooth Southern drawl. And this tall red-head’s songs are interwoven with imagery of the Georgia countryside, lush and steamy, like ‘You Should Be Here”

You Should Be Here (Cole Swindell album) - Wikipedia

5. Hey Y’all (Cole Swindell, 2014)

“Good time music and lots of fun to sing too. Cole S is not the greatest of singers but he does each song in a what that makes you love it. Glad I bought this and would love to see Cole S in concert just form hearing his CD.”

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4. Let Me See Ya Girl (Cole Swindell, 2014)

“Cole Swindell is the best! He’s the next big thing. This cd is great, I cannot stop listening to it! He is a true southern boy and you can feel that in his songs! This cd is fun and full of wonderful songs!!! Cannot say enough about it!”

3. Ain’t Worth the Whiskey (Cole Swindell, 2014)

“By far one of the finest country songs released in a LONG time.  Well done, Cole, and thanks for recognizing our brave women and men in the military”

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2. Chillin’ It (Cole Swindell, 2014)

“There are several songs on this album I really like. Many times I buy an album for the song(s) I heard on the radio, but find I don’t enjoy the other songs. This is the exception, I play almost all the songs in rotation.”

1. Hope You Get Lonely Tonight (Cole Swindell, 2014)

“Ever since i heard this song back in 2014 i haven’t gone a single day without playing this song atleast 3 times per day. Most days ill play it around 15-20 times a day, after a year this is still my favorite song ever, ill never go a day without hearing this song.”