Converge Songs Ranked

Converge is an American hardcore punk band formed by vocalist Jacob Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou in Salem, Massachusetts in 1990. During the recording of their seminal fourth album Jane Doe, the group became a four-piece with the departure of guitarist Aaron Dalbec and the addition of bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller. This lineup has remained intact since. They have released nine studio albums, three live albums, and numerous EPs. The band’s sound is rooted in both hardcore punk and heavy metal, and they are considered pioneers of metalcore as well as its subgenre mathcore. Here are all of Converge’s songs ranked.

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15. Sparrow’s Fall (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“Sparrow’s Fall is whirlwind of frenzied music that I would never dare to try to play on any instrument, but there is still a quite beautiful melody hidden deep underneath Jacob’s ferocious vocals. That’s what Converge has always been about, mixing hardcore’s beating heart with metal’s masterful musicianship and that mixture is almost worked to perfection here.”

14. Coral Blue (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“Coral Blue,” don’t really give you a chance to catch your breath. The tone throughout is incredible; listen to the title track for proof that Converge do it better than anyone. Coral Blue has the band try their hand at a normal song with a chorus and stuff. Yeah and its pretty damn good.”

13. Empty on the Inside (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“Some of the more noteworthy experimental moments include “Empty On The Inside,” which is propelled by the rhythm section (with martial drum fills and strong, grumbling bass lines)”

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12. Trespasses (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“I kid you not when I call it the heaviest thing they’ve recorded. Immediately, it’s made clear that Converge is not messing around. Never once do they let up; every track is gripping and left me breathless.”

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11. Tender Abuse (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“Tender Abuse” completes the one-two-punch knockout of tracks two and three, and does so with a wealth of more really excellent (and superbly dexterous) drumming.”

10. Axe to Fall (Axe to Fall, 2009)

“They’ve managed to make a track just as intense and fierce as Concubine here. Holy hell this gets my blood boiling and hairs standing. Yeah it really kicks in the adrenaline at full force. I just wanna break everything around me when listening to this”

Axe To Fall Cd

9. Last Light (You Fail Me, 2004)

“I think that this song is meant to be an ‘encouragement’ to the downhearted. Jake Bannon has such a unique way of creating poetic imagery…in this song, the message seems to be to not give up, to keep on. Whatever the circumstances may be, or whatever may have happened, you still have to go on and to not give up.”

8. All We Love We Leave Behind (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“All We Love We Leave Behind” mixes just the right amount of new-ish-sounding elements into Converge’s usual, unbridled metal-tinged math/hardcore assault. The end result is a standout in the band’s discography, and one of the year’s finest extreme metal records (and, not to mention, doubtlessly 2012’s best hardcore release)”

7. Concubine (Jane Doe 2001)

“This is the single greatest opener to an album that I have ever heard… Most albums would probably try to ease you in with the first track, but this just goes straight to the noisy guitars and unintelligible screaming, and it’s just fantastic. Jane Doe is the greatest metalcore album of all time, no arguing there.”

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6. Sadness Comes Home (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

“Sadness Comes Home” is not a very long song, clocking in at only three minutes and change, but it is nonetheless a friggin’ epic. It is highlighted by complex structuring and varied guitar work — it even goes so far as to dip into a little bit of fleeting guitar soloing.”

5. Aimless Arrow (All We Love We Leave Behind, 2012)

” “Aimless Arrow,” an infectious and emotional tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Upon initial hearing, I was given the impression that the new album would be similar in style to You Fail Me.”

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4. Homewrecker (Jane Doe, 2001)

“‘Homewrecker’ is the catchiest thing on here, with great punk energy in the verses, and groovy pre-chorus (no love, no hope) and an instantly memorable yet still completely indecipherable chorus.”

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3. You Fail Me (You Fail Me, 2004)

“Converge went from one of the greatest and most amazing metalcore albums ever created to this. It’s good, but like many people say, it’s no Jane Doe. I like how one of the songs is a really long accoustic song, it made the album stand out a lot more.”

2. The Saddest Day (Petitioning the Empty Sky, 1996)

“As nearly every review has pointed out, the opening track “The Saddest Day” is a ripper, but most of the rest is just really pathetic whiney emo-metalcore that is pretty much indistinguishable from a bunch of horrific ’90s hardcore bands that aren’t nearly as highly regarded as this band.”

1. Jane Doe (Jane Doe, 2001)

“Not that I could really add anything to the argument at this point as to why this is such an amazing and astonishing album, I thought I’d go ahead and add to the endless praise that this album receives. And believe me, it deserves every ounce of it. On every level of craft, be it lyrically, musically, atmospherically, or any other word with -ly at the end which you can think of, “Jane Doe” amazes.”