Daughtry Albums Ranked

Daughtry/ˈdɔːtri/ is an American rock band formed and fronted by namesake Chris Daughtry, who was a finalist on the fifth season of American Idol. Their self-titled debut album was released in November 2006 and reached number one on the Billboard 200. The album went on to sell more than six million copies in the United States and has been certified sextuple platinum by the RIAA. Daughtry was also named the best selling album of 2007 by Billboard, becoming the fastest-selling debut rock album in Nielsen SoundScan history. The album produced four top 20 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including top-five hits “It’s Not Over” and “Home”. The band’s second album, Leave This Town, was released in July 2009 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming Daughtry’s second number one album in the United States. To date, Leave This Town has sold over 1.3 million copies in the United States and has been certified platinum by the RIAA. The album’s lead single, “No Surprise”, became the band’s fifth top 20 hits on the Hot 100. Their third studio album, Break the Spell, was released in November 2011 and debuted within the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album has been certified Gold by the RIAA. Daughtry’s fourth studio album, Baptized, was released on November 19, 2013, and debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 chart, selling approximately 90,000 units. To date, Daughtry has sold over 9 million albums and over 25.6 million digital tracks in the U.S. Here are all of Daughtry albums ranked.

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7. Cage To Rattle (2018)

“This is an incredible album from beginning to end. The melodies and lyrics will get you singing along. and stick in your head. Every one of them are catchy and well done both musically and the lyrics are great. It’s going to be one of those albums that have real staying power on my playlists.”

6. Leave This Town: The B-Sides (2010)

“This album is a collection of 6 bonus songs from Daughtry’s “Leave This Town” album. These six songs are some of the best that Daughtry has released but it is missing a song. On Daughtry’s official website you can download the seventh song “Back Again” separately. What is great about this is you can use your already existing Amazon account to pay for it. Simply chose the “Checkout with Amazon” option when checking out. You will then be walked through the steps on how to download your song.”

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5. Baptized (2013)

“This is a really great album! All the aspects of this album are strong: vocals, song writing, hooks, instruments, variety. The nuances of his strong vocal ability reflect well in each song. “Some” Fans of the old album will love the new daughtry album! It has a folk pop sound to it, also a bit more electro pop, there’s a little change in sound but it’s creative positive change. Maybe it’s inspired a little by the band Train. The hooks will capture people’s hearts, lyrics will intellectualize the listener.This album is so much fun to listen to!”

4. It’s Not Over… The Hits So Far (2016)

“This is a really good overview of Daughtry’s best hits, plus two newer songs, released in 2016. Back in 2006, Chris really got my attention on American Idol, and on this compilation, he definitely delivers his most compelling songs in just over 50 minutes. “

3. Break The Spell (2011)

“The highlights of this collection are “Crawling Back to You”, “Start of Something Good”, “Gone Too Soon”, “Rescue Me”, and “Spaceship”. Chris Daughtry has a lot of talent in every area: writing, vocals, and performing. By this point, Daughtry has a core of at least a dozen great songs, and they will be performing actively for decades.”

2. Leave This Town (2009)

“Daughtry’s Second Album is just as great as his first. The collaborative effort with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback makes the first single “No Surprise” one of the best songs of the collection. Chris Daughtry’s brilliance in song writing and delivering the message helps bring this star to the forefront of rock. However, he also shows his craftiness to sing ballads, like “Call your name” and the duet with Vince Gill, “Tennessee Line”.

1. Daughtry (2006)

“Chris Daughtry’s first album falls into this stylistic category. If you like this style, there is a lot to like about this disc. First, the music is well-crafted and melodic throughout; it’s markedly -better- than some of his stylistic rivals (read: Fuel and Nickelback). Second, the album is balanced well between the hard stuff and the slightly slower stuff, with an emphasis on the harder material, which I think is perfect. Third, the lyrics are about something other than sexual encounters outside the context of marriage, or the desire for such encounters, which is a predominant element in the lyrics of, say, Nickelback.”