Deep Purple Songs Ranked

Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. The band is considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as psychedelic rock and progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, have been referred to as the “unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal in the early to mid-seventies”. They were listed in the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records as “the globe’s loudest band” for a 1972 concert at London’s Rainbow Theatre and have sold over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide. Here are all of Deep Purple’s songs ranked.

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20. Speed King (Deep Purple in Rock, 1970)

“Child In Time is their best for me, but that is top. And this should be 2nd. The intro and energy with Gillan at his prime blew me away as a 15 year old 35 years ago and I still get a massive buzz of this song.”

19. Pictures of Home (Machine Head, 1972)

“One hell of an overlooked gem from an album highly esteemed by rock and metal fans alike—great keyboard work and a flawless solo, these guys were so ahead of their time. A great epic song! Live version is a masterpiece! Jon Lord is his best. Deep Purple forever…”

18. Strange Kind of Woman (The Essential, 2003)

“MIJ version of this song is one of the most entertaining pieces to have come from Deep Purple. All the elements blend so beautifully that they make the song sound familiar to even those who haven’t heard it before.”

17. Kentucky Woman (The Book of Taliesyn, 1968)

“This song is quite simply ten minutes of Awesomeness. A absolute MASTERPIECE by deep purple. This song should have gotten MUCH more recognition. This and Solitaire are definitely deep purples most underrated songs”

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16. Stormbringer (Stormbringer, 1974)

“This is a Kick Butt. Deep Purple is credited with the first Heavy Metal album of all time (Machine Head), and you all can’t give the Stormbringer album it’s due? Please. Go back to your cave. These guitars. That intro. Truly awesome! Always makes me feel like a stormbringer… Coming out of nowhere… Drivin’ like a-rain”

15. Space Truckin’ (Machine Head, 1972)

“”Made in Japan’s” Space Truckin’ is one of the few songs off the top of my head where live version is better than the recorded. The others: Midnight Rambler and Street Fighting Man from “Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out” by the Rolling Stones, and Smoke on the Water from the same record.”

14. Mistreated (Burn, 1974)

“The opening guitar line is so cool, straight in the amp no soup like all the guitarists today. Stunning original riff yet again from Ritchie and a great vocal too. Great voice control, fantastic guitar climax, excellent drumming, good tempo;one of the best purple songs ever from mk 3. Great depression break up song”

13. When a Blind Man Cries (Machine Head, 1972)

“Any would-be or up and coming vocalist should listen to this. If there is any finer vocal committed to vinyl then I’ve yet to hear it, An absolute masterclass in singing, timeless and transcends all boundaries and era, I implore you, if you, ve never heard this, do anything you have to hear it. You will not be disappointed”

12. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Purpendicular, 1996)

“I love the solo by Steve Morse. It is impossible to get more feeling in one guitar solo than Steve Morse got here. I can listen to it for hours… This song is full of feelings. It’s one of the best musical compositions of “Deep Purple”. The guitar solo is truly epic and has reminded me of a solo from Dream Theater (What ist really virtuosity).”

11. Fireball (Fireball, 1971)

“THE prototypical hard rock song: very hard, heavy drums, heavy organs, fast beat, and overall a very compact rock song. This song defined hard rock for decades to come. Still wonderful to listen to when in a car, working out… so much energy and power!”

10. Knockin’ At Your Back Door (Perfect Strangers, 1984)

“This song got me into deep purple, I thought they were just some smoke on the water, but they are the most underappreciated band of all time and this song is the best, no matter what anyone says”

9. Hush (Shades of Deep Purple, 1968)

“Purple at their- tender and ferocious in equal measure. Not their very best but a fabulous trouser splitting rock song. All the elements blend so beautifully that they make the song sound familiar to even those who haven’t heard it before.”

8. Lazy (Machine Head, 1972)

“an Gillan’s vocals here is perfectly timed and perfectly uttered and the bluesy piano soloing of Paice is unmatched. Don’t forget the blues-based guitar solo of Sir Ritchie Blackmore.! This should be number 2 or 3 cause it contains the DEEP PURPLE spirit and style. God damn you guys.”

7. Black Night (Deep Purple in Rock, 1970)

“Not only is this song unique in every way possible, but it also is My favorite song of theirs! Screw smoke on the water! The lyrics are heartwarming and you can tell that the instrumentation is at it’s finest! This song gets my blood pumping and it’s made for that! Somebody wrote before me “it’s more metal than rock “

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6. Soldier of Fortune (Stormbringer, 1974)

“It excites a spark within me! The perfect song with beautiful lyrics. Should have been on the top of the list! Love it! Brilliant. The melody is just soothing. Personally, I think the vocals are pure class.”

5. Perfect Strangers (Perfect Strangers, 1984)

“This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. The vocals are simply amazing, the way Gillan makes his voice mysterious. As said above, it is a perfect song. The most underrated song ever… An epic song with a riff better than smoke on the water… And there’s not a single doubt about their vocal excellence”

4. Burn (Burn, 1974)

“Ritchie Blackmore is God. The solos are just so epic. Thinking about the amount of skill he has just blows my MIND. Along with this the drums and the awesome lyrics makes it one of my favorite DP songs. Lovely drum rhythm… It’s has harmony and speed and POWER… I’m a drummer, and hack, I don’t know any deep’s song, until my friend forced me to cover up this song”

3. Highway Star (Machine Head, 1972)

“This is the template of how a classic Deep Purple song is: Fast, heavy, and LOUD! With lyrics that will make you crazy, an organ solo that will make you feel like the best driver ever, and a guitar solo that will make you go absolutely INSANE, this song truly is among the best songs of all time.”

2. Smoke on the Water (The Collection, 2006)

“This song helped us to get into Deep Purple. But there are other better songs of theirs than this. You just have to listen more songs of theirs. This is and will be forever in the book of heavy metal. Just the intro is enough to get you hooked up!”

1. Child in Time (Deep Purple in Rock, 1970)

“This is one of THE greatest songs ever written, by anyone! Listen to the variety of versions Purple played during the Mk2 period; truly a fantastic mixture of musicianship, music colour and emotion. Gillan stood head and shoulders above ALL other singers during the early 70’s. Blackmore was just incredible and Lord (RIP) was an immense influence on the Purple sound. Incredible song, that testifies to the genius of the band. Written within a few weeks of this version of the band getting together. This song has NO PEERS.”