Def Leppard Albums Ranked

Def Leppard are an English rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield as part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. Since 1992, the band has consisted of Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Rick Savage (bass, backing vocals), Rick Allen (drums, backing vocals), Phil Collen (guitars, backing vocals), and Vivian Campbell (guitars, backing vocals). This is the band’s longest lasting line-up.

The band’s strongest commercial success came between the early 1980s and the early 1990s. Their 1981 album, High ‘n’ Dry, was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who helped them begin to define their style. The band’s next studio album, Pyromania, was released in January 1983, In the U.S., Pyromania was certified diamond (10× platinum), making Def Leppard among the most popular music groups at the time. Here is the top 5 Def Leppard albums ranked of all time.

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11. X (2002)

“In many ways X is the most underrated and overlooked album in the entire Def Leppard catalog. Everyone says On Through The Night and High”n”Dry are underrated but I disagree, lots of people love those albums just look at their ratings here on amazon. If you want to talk underrated take a look at poor X, it’s been out for about 14 years now and it STILL can’t catch a break. I know some people like it but the majority of Def Lepprad fans still hate it, and that’s a shame because there’s really nothing wrong with it. The band has always been Pop oriented since Pyromania so you can’t really find a problem with the albums Pop sensibilities. What I think people really hate about X is that it sounds more modern then their other albums but that’s just the production, if you stripped that away you would have pretty much any other Def Leppard album.”

10. Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008)

“This is a great record with a so many different sounds, yet you can still tell it’s Def Leppard doing what they do best. No, it’s not their heaviest album, nor is it going to be their biggest seller, but for the short run time of the disc (THANK YOU for not overloading with 5 minute ballads or filler), the variety of the songs and the way that it is so enjoyable to listen to without being abrasive.”

9. Euphoria (1999)

“this is a great cd, it rocks with driving rhythms, catchy hooks and a great bottom held down with great bass and drums, thus cd is right up there with Pyromania, Hysteria with hints of the harder edged High and Dry, why this wasn’t a huge album for Def Leppard I have no idea, a must own for all who love Leppard and their style of music.”

8. Slang (1996)

“Slang’s not you’re typical Def Leppard by any means. It was the 90’s and the band joined in on what was popular at the time: grunge. Whether you love grunge or hate it there’s no denying how much influence it had on the music of the time. Bands of the 80’s had two choices: evolve and survive or stay the same and risk being lost forever. Def Leppard chose the first option. And I don’t blame them. In my opinion Slang doesn’t simply get the love it deserves. The single Slang is no different from the album, its a brilliant song, that reflects the sounds of the time and grabs listeners by the throat with an immensely loud chorus that Def Lep do best. If you’re going to buy and listening to this, don’t think it’s going to sound like Pyromania or Hysteria. Put all you’re expectations of what you think it should be and leave them on the side. Just listening to it and enjoy it for what it is and gives you: a bloody great song”

7. Def Leppard (2015)

“Holy cow, Def Leppard is BACK! I’m sure “Let’s Go” is going to catch flack for sounding a lot like “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, but it really is a quite different song. I can’t say I just love the opening 30 seconds ahead of the song kicking into gear, and the repeated “do you really really want to do this now?” over and over (get’s redundant and tiring), but the rest is excellent. Dangerous is possible their best rocker in 20 years – this song is truly CLASSIC Def Leppard. “We Belong” is excellent, featuring vocals from each of the band members (who do an excellent job); and “Last Dance” really shows the range of this band with an awesome slower paced and lyrically thoughtful tune that should be all over the radio. Sav’s bass is prominent in several of the songs in a way I don’t recall in recent albums, and the songs are greatly improved for it. I highly recommend this album. Fan or not, if you like any form of rock, there are plenty of great songs here that should appeal to you.”

6. Yeah (2006)

“I got this for Def Leppard’s cover of T-Rex’s “20th Century Boy.” However as much as I loved that, I think the best one on this cd was their cover of “Stay With Me” by Faces. Joe Elliott nailed Rod Stewart’s voice -it was amazing!! If you love DL you’ll love this and if you’re a fan of 70s music you will too. I bought this specifically because I respect DL as artists and for the particular covers on this cd that I liked. I didn’t like enough of the covers on the bonus cd to buy it but for a top DL fan it would be very awesome. This cd came out in 2006 I believe and I just honestly heard about it in 2017. I’m a bit slow. Hahah. It was a Best Buy only cd offering so if you can get it online do it. They’re getting hard to find. I paid more for it than I had hoped but it was still very worth it.”

5. Adrenalize (1992)

“ROLLING STONE correctly called it “the perfect Def Leppard album”, and while it isn’t my favorite offering from the band, ADRENALIZE represents everything the Leps wanted to be. It isn’t a hard rock album at all. Maybe hard pop? The effort is even more sugary than HYSTERIA – shorter radio-friendly tracks with more direct, goofy lyrics. Yet it seems more guitar-driven, even if heavily processed. It was an early full digital production, which made it sound more antiseptic than it should, adding a gloss that removed any edge or spontaneity. Still, it is a FUN 40 minute ride. If you loved the previous album, I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed here.”

4. On Through the Night (1980)

“I heard this when it first came out way back in the day. I was living in Europe all at time, and exposed to some great European rock music. I loved this album and couldn’t wait for their next one (High n Dry). Just straight up rock and roll. Great sound, awesome guitars, definitely part of my HS experience. I think is one of their best. Totally different sound than what they morphed into (starting with their 3rd album). Honestly, while Hysteria is a great album (and clearly that sound is their claim to big fame), over all I preferred their first two albums over everything else they did. Sounded like rock and roll.”

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3. ‘High ‘n’ Dry (1981)

“Hands down one of the best hard rock cd’s ever made. The mighty Def Leppard hit a home run with passionate, and raw sophomore release. This cd has what, On Through the Night, was lacking, and that was a great producer, and stronger vocals from Joe Elliot.
John “Mutt” Lange produced this album, and gave Def Leppard a real identity, and sound. He really brought the best of Def Leppard out, by making them redo their songs, over, and over, and over, until each song was honed to tight, intricate, raw perfection.
The cd is start, to finish, a very strong sonic release, and with no “filler” songs. Every song is worthy of being a single.
Joe Elliot learned how to sing, and most importantly scream, which along with the band’s great musicianship, also really helped shape their true identity.”

2. Hysteria (1987)

“When I bought this LP (!) back in 1987 I didn’t play anything else for about a month. Every song on the original is a classic and hearing all the extended versions in one package is great. An absolute classic for anyone who likes well written and executed songs from a band that after a three year hiatus and powered by masterful production by Mutt Lane, was at the peak of its powers. For a year after its release they were the biggest band in the world and deserved to be. It still sounds fresh and innovative today 30 years later, any collection of greatest albums has to include this or it’s not paying attention. If you don’t buy the box set buy the single cd – you won’t regret it. Essential.”

1. Pyromania (1983)

“This album rocks! Awesome Rock CD, Best Rock Metal CD of the 80’s decade. This CD puts Motley Crue, Ratt and Poison to shame.
This music is better than Hysteria. The music is raw and heavy but polished so every song is enjoyable to rock out too. I enjoy this music more now than I did in 1983. Def Leppard still rocks. You will not fall asleep with these tunes.I hear this CD everyday and I cannot believe it was released in 1983. No wonder it sold 10 million copies. After rocking out to this CD I had to go buy the deluxe version that comes with the Live at LA Forum 1983 recording. All in all every serious rock music lover must have this CD. The best songs are NOT Photograph or Foolin or Rock of Ages. The best songs are: Rock Rock Till You Drop, StageFreight, Die Hard, The Hunter and Billys Got a Gun

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