Dirty Mind Songs Ranked

Dirty Mind is the third studio album by American recording artist Prince. It was released on October 8, 1980, by Warner Bros. Records as the follow-up to his self-titled second album, Prince, (1979). It was produced, arranged, and composed entirely by Prince in his home studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota during May to June 1980. Dirty Mind has been considered by critics as Prince’s most creative and boldest album, setting the baseline for his artistic direction in the following years. The first single of Dirty Mind, “Uptown” reached number five on both the Billboard Hot Soul Singles and the Billboard National Disco Action Top 30 charts. Though the album only reached number 45 on the Billboard 200, it earned widespread acclaim from music critics and crossover success. Due to its fusion of genres, critics have hailed it for setting the sound for urban black music of the early 1980s. The album has been ranked by several publications as one of the greatest albums of all time. Here are all of Dirty Mind’s songs ranked. Here are all of Dirty Mind songs ranked.

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8. Gotta Broken Heart Again

“Prince slows down the tempo once again here and delivers a tender ballad of lost love. “Gotta broken heart again/cause my only supposed to be friend/stole my old lady away from me/now I’m just as blue as I can be”. The song is beautiful and offers a glimpse into his sensitive side, But with the benchmark already set so high with “When you were Mine” this was doomed to be forgettable from the start.”

7. Partyup

“Political Prince makes a sole appearance on “Partyup”. “Partyup” serves it’s purpose of being 1999 pt.1 very well. Prince talks of partying like there’s no tomorrow before the world comes to a close (Sound familiar?) it’s a funky little number that just misses the 5 star mark.”

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6. Do It All Night

“With the album being on smooth Cruise Control it was eventual we would face some turbulence and this is the first shot. “Do it all night” is a slightly forgettable song about Prince overcoming his shyness to tell a girl he wants to “Do it all night”. Not particularly memorable, not particularly ear offensive either. this song is just alright.”

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5. Sister

“If the previous song was Dirrty this song is just plain tacky! Prince hits a new low and talks about bangin’ his sister only to realize “Incest is everything it’s said to be”. To make matters worst Prince says he was “sixteen & only half a man” & and describes his sister (or in this case cuddy-buddy) as being “Thirty-two, lovely & loose”. I don’t know about you but this song (Imo) borders on a very thin line between being controversial & just plain sick! What’s that? “Sisters” getting sick again!”

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4. When You Were Mine

“When You Were Mine” is probably’s the album’s most well known and well loved song, a minor hit that eventually became a standard thanks to its retro 1960s’ vibe and covers by the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Mitch Rider, as well as Prince including it in his live shows for most of his career. It’s an excellent pure pop song, with some Prince-esque lyrical touches that give its own identity.”

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3. Head

“This song is about just what the title implies & nothing more. Prince gets heavily explicit and talks of a bride to be giving him oral sex only winding up with her ditching the guy she’s supposed to marry only to elope with Prince instead. (Guess that must have been some good Head!!) The Song is Dirrty lyrically but seriously this song deserves a listen for “musical value”.”

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2. Dirty Mind

“Dirty Mind” is Prince truly coming into his own: he is truly in his element throughout the record, and the sounds and subjects would be the ones that would define his signature records to come. A truly essential record.”

1. Uptown

“This Song is extremely vivid and well written and thus makes my imagination go wild! with lines like “She saw me walking down the street/of your fine city/it kinda turned me on when she looked at me & said come here” you know just what’s happening. The song talks about this imaginary place named Uptown where everyone does what they please in perfect harmony without society “Telling em’ how it’s suppose to be”. Great concept, Great song!”