Disclosure Songs Ranked

Disclosure is an English electronic music duo consisting of brothers Howard (born 11 May 1994) and Guy Lawrence (born 25 May 1991). They grew up in Reigate, Surrey. Their debut studio album, Settle, released on 3 June 2013, by PMR Records, was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards. They released a second studio album, Caracal, on 25 September 2015 which was also nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Their third studio album, Energy, was released on 28 August 2020 and was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album 2021 Grammy Awards, alongside the fourth single from the album, “My High”, which was nominated for Best Dance Recording. Here are all of Disclosure’s songs ranked.

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20. Confess to Me (Settle, 2013)

“So many great things about this song. Amazing vocals from Jessie Ware, nice lyrics, and one of the best, if not the best, beats that Disclosure has ever made.”

19. Superego (Caracal, 2015)

“I never to this day understood why this was never a single from them but then again this song is deeply ahead of it’s time. If it’s disclosure, it’s the best”

18. When a Fire Starts to Burn (Settle, 2013)

“Love this tune & the video caught my eye 1st time saw it. Random clubbing tracks are the funniest & weirdest videos so we remember them. The main guy.When you drop your 1st pill at the beginning of the night.”

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17. Boiling (Settle, 2013)

“This is house music with a bit of acid jazz tinges around the edge. Reminds me a bit of Blue Six. This song was a pleasant surprise to hear on Sirius and I just had to have it. I recommend it.”

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16. Grab Her! (Settle, 2013)

“It’s nice to hear a different take on house music, this song is modern, a bit soulful, and feels good to dance to. These boys are absolutely killing it!!”

15. Voices (Settle, 2013)

“So hypnotic song…make me feel out of the world, just floating with the mind, I can say that I’m addicted to it…i also put it on the phone as my ringtone…”

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14. Jaded (Caracal, 2015)

“Disclosure did a big change and risk with this album, something we’re not all use to listening from the old tracks but something we can appreciate in a way.”

13. Defeated No More (Settle, 2013)

“The most slept-on track from the album. Serious eargasm from this track. This entire album is just great in every way. Haven’t had that feeling from house music since ‘Discovery'”

12. Control (Settle, 2013)

“This sorta music is beautiful. There’s so much atmosphere and beautiful sounds that make you want to move. Deep House seems to do that.”

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11. Hourglass (Caracal, 2015)

“The perfect New Year’s anthem for my fellow single people. Lion Babe’s vocals are okay but the sheer catchiness of this song more than makes up for it. Best song from Caracal; really dope beat, nice vocals from LION BABE, and a really fun drop.”

10. What’s In Your Head F for You

“Strong dance pop with strong UK bass influences. Quite high on the catchiness, but at the same time I would like to have some more variety to it. Good, but not great.”

9. Nocturnal (Caracal, 2015)

“The song was written with and features vocals by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye. Howard Lawrence told MTV News: “He made me appreciate how good it is to just relax in a session. We do so many sessions where we’re under time restraints and Abel will just come and [makes relaxing noise]. That’s why the song is so long.””

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8. F for You (Settle, 2013)

“Something in this music is so catchy. Maybe the minimal techno, deep house elements. This is music is good when you tired and almost falling asleep, it plays somewhere out in your mind!”

7. Holding On (Caracal, 2015)

“Not much has changed about the duo’s formula – the garage drums trip over each other in their enthusiasm, the plucky synth pads zoom along, and esteemed jazz vocalist Gregory Porter gives a coolly magnetic performance in the middle of everything.”

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6. Omen (FIFA 16 Soundtrack, 2015)

“I’ve listened to this masterpiece at least twenty or so times and it never ceases to make me happy Sam Smith’s voice and the vibrant beat of Disclosure are honestly the perfect combination.”

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5. Magnets (Disclosure VIPs, 2021)

“As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Lorde and this is her first song released since her excellent “Yellow Flicker Beat”. She certainly does not disappoint here. As always, Lorde’s lyrics are beyond flawless, throwing double intenders as easily as Tom Brady throws touchdowns.”

4. Help Me Lose My Mind (Settle 2013)

“When the voice sounds, it feels like mist is coming up and taking you with you. With taking in a different atmosphere, one feels weightless..”

3. You and Me (Settle 2013)

“Featuring vocals by British artist Sam Smith, this lead single from ‘Settle’ came out in October, 2012. It hit number 11 on the UK Singles chart, and stayed in the top 40 for 15 weeks. When the chorus drops, Smith hits a sharp falsetto, as the brothers Lawrence unleash some (restrained) melodic wobbles and a ticklish beat.”

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2. White Noise (Settle 2013)

“This single first dropped in the UK in February, but it might be the best song of the summer (and not just because it sounded eerily reminiscent of Bananarama’s 80s hit ‘Cruel Summer’). The song was a collaboration between Disclosure and Aluna George, whose recent ‘Body Music’ album is another one of the better pop albums of 2013 (so far). Aluna Francis slipped brilliantly into the throbbing, snaky beat and delivered a playful, charming, crisp vocal performance. With Aluna George’s help, Disclosure pushed away all the static.”

1. Latch (Settle 2013)

“A masterpiece, blending genres effortlessly and coalescing everything into one of the most nostalgic, love-filled, pure-spirited expressions of romance ever. A desert island song, and one that I hope I can live one day and not just listen to.”