Dua Lipa Songs Ranked

Dua Lipa (born 22 August 1995) is an English singer and songwriter. After working as a model, she signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2014 and released her eponymous debut album in 2017. The album peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart and yielded eight singles, including “Be the One”, “IDGAF”, and the UK number-one single “New Rules”, which also peaked at number six in the US. The album has achieved platinum status worldwide. In 2018, Lipa won the Brit Awards for Best British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. Lipa has received multiple accolades, including three Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, one MTV Video Music Award, and an American Music Award. In 2020, Billboard honored Lipa with the Powerhouse Award, awarded to the act whose music dominated in their respective year through streaming, sales, and radio. In 2021, Lipa was included on Time’s 100 Next lists about the future 100 most influential people in the world. Here are all of Dua Lipa’s songs ranked.

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13. Want To (Dua Lipa: Complete Edition, 2018)

“The way she move, her astonishing voice, her beauty, everything is unreal in that videoclip, she’s an atomic bomb in the pop music world.”

12. Lost in Your Light (Feat. Miguel) (Dua Lipa: Complete Edition, 2018)

“This song is so beautiful, cute, catchy, and fun. She looks stunning and they both have an incredible voice. This video is so cool. This song puts me in high vibration and that’s a good thing especially after I remove all the negative energy.”

11. Blow Your Mind (Mwah!) (Blow Your Mind (Mwah!), 2016)

“I really love this song! I agree it would work great without the “F” word. They have a radio edit. I really wish these artists would create a clean version as well. Again love the song. I will be purchasing this but waiting for clean version.”

Album Review: Dua Lipa - "Dua Lipa" | The Young Folks

10. One Kiss (Dua Lipa: Complete Edition, 2018)

“It’s nothing special overall, but in the mainstream music world, this is pretty fresh mostly because Calvin decided to try some left-field sort of edgy transitions/bridges to an otherwise slightly deeper than usual dance beat/melody in his style. The aesthetic itself is pretty neat personally speaking I guess.”

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9. Levitating (Future Nostalgia, 2020)

“I never heard a song like this before. I think Dua Lipa is very funky and brings back the old times. This is probably one of my favorite songs from Dua Lupa. It is a great song that is great to walk, workout, or dance to. The MP3 sample will make you add this song. It is a great addition to anyone’s music library.”

8. Physical (Future Nostalgia, 2020)

“The past singles for the upcoming Future Nostalgia have all been fantastic, channelling elements of nu-disco, 80’s synth, horror synth, funktronica etc. Physical is equally fantastic blending modern and older aesthetics to an absolute tea. The song has a mix of authoritative and playful elements that give the song an addicting presence. The lyrics are a call to arms and you feel every single one. It’s really baffling how she includes so many different emotional palettes on the song and it somehow works to amazing effect. It also does what any good pop song does; be absurdly catchy and makes you wanna dance. Sometimes that’s all you need.”

Future Nostalgia Album Cover With Text : dualipa

7. IDGAF (Dua Lipa: Complete Edition, 2018)

“This is such a good song. The only part that isn’t my favorite is the cuss word. But it’s still my favorite song This is her best song and I don”t give a BEEP about who says otherwise!”

6. Break My Heart (Nostalgia, 2020)

“While every track on her album is excellent, this one in particular demonstrates just how talented Lipa is. At times, it allows you to hear her singing voice without any instrumentation behind it, revealing what a clear and concise singer she is. She knows how to interpret the lyrics perfectly, with style and sophistication. The words are clever, the beat is extremely catchy and tight, and Lipa’s vocals are the icing on the cake that make this a modern day pop classic. Really well done.”

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5. Hotter Than Hell (Dua Lipa, 2016)

“I reviewed another song of hers. I love this song as well. Very sultry and sexy…catchy too. She only has 4 songs out. There are several remixes of these four, but I got I guess you’d call the official ones so far. If Dua does a full CD equal to these 4 songs, we will be hearing about her for sure.”

Dua Lipa – Hotter Than Hell (Remixes) (2016, 256 kbps vbr, File) - Discogs

4. Last Dance (Last Dance (Remixes), 2009)

“One of my favorite pop singers, let alone celebrities now! She is simply perfect in every way! Dua’s so gorgeous and her voice is so mature and beautiful! She’s got everything and more!”

3. Don’t Start Now (Future Nostalgia, 2020)

“I honestly didn’t care for Dua Lipa at first when she broke into the pop music scene with New Rules. That song was overplayed on the American radio during 2018! I always thought her music started out as very poppy just like Bruno Mars. But when I first listened to Don’t Start Now on the radio it was awesome! This song is a bop! I’m glad Dua Lipa headed toward a new musical direction. It has a nice groovy disco production and Dua sings very well and knocks it out of the park. And best of all it was a successful hit but it only peaked at #2 behind a great song made by The Weeknd. Despite that, Don’t Start Now is a great song and is highly recommended to any music fan alike. Her recent album is great too!”

2. Be the One (Be the One, 2015)

“When I first heard the song, I thought that it was an old song performed by a seasoned artist. Then, I discovered Dua. What a classic voice and amazing musical style!”

Dua Lipa – Be The One (Official Music Video) | Gelecekten.Net

1. New Rules (Dua Lipa: Complete Edition, 2018)

“If it were running on just the strength of the vocals and lyrics, this would be a severely underwhelming track. Fortunately, New Rules is running on the back of Ian Kirkpatrick’s incredible production, which transforms this from a mediocre pop track to a killer track that slinks through its robotic garage-esque grooves with both utter confidence and a creeping sense of uncertainty.”