ElDorado Songs Ranked

Eldorado (subtitled as A Symphony by the Electric Light Orchestra) is the fourth studio album by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). It was released in the United States in September 1974 by United Artists Records and in the United Kingdom in October 1974 by Warner Bros. Records. Eldorado is the first complete ELO concept album; bandleader Jeff Lynne conceived the storyline before he wrote any music. The plot follows a Walter Mitty-like character who journeys into fantasy worlds via dreams, to escape the disillusionment of his mundane reality. Lynne began to write the album in response to criticisms from his father, a classical music lover, who said that Electric Light Orchestra’s repertoire “had no tune”. The influence of The Beatles is prevalent, especially in the melody of the verse of “Mister Kingdom” which to some degree resembles the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” Here are all of ElDorado songs ranked.

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9. Poor Boy (The Greenwood)

“Poor Boy (The Greenwood)” is a magnificent pop song and I especially love the way Jeff Lynne extends his voice at the end of the verse melody. He really stretches his voice in a way that not only makes the melody better, but really makes me question why it wasn’t a huge pop hit on the radio charts back in the day.”

8. Laredo Tornado

“Laredo Tornado” features a very heavy and beautifully played guitar tone to open the song before quickly changing into something much less melodic and, to be honest, less appealing compared to the two songs before it. It *does* pick up steam when the chorus comes around at least, and it has the potential to grow even better over time. For now though -to me at least- it feels undeveloped.”

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7. Eldorado – Finale

“The bonus track title “Eldorado Instrumental Medley” is a pretty fitting way to conclude the album, which makes me wonder why it wasn’t included as part of the main album in the first place. It basically consists of repeating the main parts from the rest of the songs and runs them in succession for about 8 minutes.”

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6. Eldorado

“The title song though… WOW! I absolutely LOVE the way the vocal melody is sung here. Really amazing and emotionally devastating at the same time.”

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5. Boy Blue

 “Boy Blue” is an underrated ELO classic, with the great line, “I have fought in some of the holiest wars/I have smashed some of the holiest jaws.”

4. Illusions in G Major

“Illusions in G Major” shows how Electric Light Orchestra can quickly change styles into something more bluesy and hard rock and deliver with equally impressive results. The title song though… WOW! I absolutely LOVE the way the vocal melody is sung here. Really amazing and emotionally devastating at the same time.”

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3. Can’t Get It Out of My Head

“The haunting orchestrated delight “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” is a *phenomenal* song. A brilliant attempt at capturing what made the Beatles such a great band about five years earlier, this is definitely quite deserving of its status as a constantly-requested radio favorite.”

2. Nobody’s Child

“Nobody’s Child is a nice bluesy tune with the choir keeping it in the symphonic realm. The strings defintiely show off their soulful stance on this number. This would sound really good if he had done it today.”

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1. Eldorado Overture

“It wasn’t a song, it was an introductory passage before the hit song. I got goosebumps because I never heard something so beautiful. At this time, I still never put it to my mind that if I wanted to own that whole song, I had to buy the whole album.”