EP REVIEW: Darkness Is My Canvas – ‘White Noise’

Throughout the last few years, Finnish outfit Darkness Is My Canvas have been busy establishing their place on the international rock scene. With a flurry of impactful cuts under their belt that look to explore a multitude of different aesthetics including math-rock, prog-rock, and metal, they have now cemented their dynamic legacy to date with the release of their thunderous debut EP ‘White Noise’, a release brimming with raw and driven ideals throughout.

Featuring a string of previously shared outings including ‘Inverted’, ‘Drown’ and the explosive opening track ‘Fade Into The White Noise’, this new six-track collection aims to gather all of their diverse pursuits into one rip-roaring release. Flowing with this brilliantly bold and euphoric nature as often as possible, ‘White Noise’ sees them deliver a truly memorable array of anthems that broadens their musical horizons once again.

While these last few years have certainly been a great time for innovation and self-discovery within their sound, ‘White Noise’ shows that these four are still brimming with plenty of fresh and exciting ideas just waiting to be explored. And with their eagerly-awaited debut album set to land at the end of the year, it feels like Darkness Is My Canvas are building to something very special here.