Fleetwood Mac Songs Ranked

Fleetwood Mac started as a blues group that paid tribute to the American bluesmen they loved. Fronted by drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie, the band went through several lineup changes over the years before two Los Angeles singer-songwriters, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined in 1975 and made Fleetwood Mac one of the biggest bands on the planet. For the next dozen years, they dominated the charts with their blend of classic rock and SoCal pop. Their 1977 blockbuster ‘Rumours’ remains one of the best and bestselling albums ever made, a breakup record informed by real-life tension among the band’s five members (singer-songwriter Christine McVie rounded out the group). Buckingham and Nicks’ solo careers eventually led to the split of the classic lineup, although they’ve occasionally reunited over the years for tours and records. Here are all of Fleetwood Mac’s songs ranked.

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20. Hypnotized (Mystery To Me, 1973)

“A haunting song, if u can’t get your groove on with this song. I’m sorry for u. Wonderfully rhythmic and haunting song by Bob Welch. The forgotten era of Fleetwood Mac. A great song.”

19. I Don’t Want to Know (Rumours, 1977)

“That groovy bassline with the steady drumbeat and sweet guitar licks on top, it’s perfect. This is my all time favorite. I hear it and it gets stuck in my head (soul) for days. Such a feel good song.”

18. Silver Springs (Rumours, 1977)

“Best female vocal performance. Cannot be replicated, not even by Stevie Nicks herself. A truly magical recording. It’s a shame it was only a B-side. I will follow you down ’til the sound of my voice will haunt you. It doesn’t really get more stirring than that.”

17. Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)

“Possibly the most beautiful, haunting and relaxing instrumental I’ve ever heard. The sense of freedom it gives is utterly breathtaking.”

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16. Never Going Back Again (Rumours, 1977)

“One of my favorite songs ever. It amazes me how Lindsay Buckingham can keep all the fingerpicking so clean. Just beautiful guitar. This song is so upbeat and quirky. It’s my favorite song to listen to when I’m having a bad day.”

15. Gold Dust Woman (Rumours, 1977)

“This is definitely top ten. Stevie Nicks is awesome, awesome, and more awesome. This is number three for me, behind Landslide and The Chain. Amazing song, so dark and blunt, great beat, I love it. One of their best.”

14. You Make Loving Fun (Rumours, 1977)

“This is their feel-good song! The most optimistic and sweet declaration of love ever. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not feel good. That groovy bassline with the steady drumbeat and sweet guitar licks on top, it’s perfect”

13. Tusk (Tusk, 1979)

“It’s different than nearly all others, but it is brilliant. Proof? The only rock song that I know of that features a marching band – – and it’s cool! With all of its disparate elements, it (unlike many punk songs) comes together as a followable whole. Weird and brilliant!”

12. Everywhere (Tango in the Night, 1987)

“A happy love song! I don’t hear much of my times. Much more contemporary but this is one of those rare underrated songs from Fleet that makes me all preppy.”

11. Seven Wonders (Tango in the Night, 1987)

“A great intro. Great singing by Stevie. Great chorus. Great song. And from the best Fleetwood mac album after rumors. A beautiful song! I think the song really fits Stevie Nicks’ voice!”

10. Songbird (Rumours, 1977)

“Stunningly beautiful song. Favorite of all Fleetwood Great piano, lovely song! This song lets you dream with open eyes. Unique!”

9. Gypsy (Mirage, 1982)

“No one can deny that this song makes you FEEL something so deep. It’s not just a “good song” like the rest, it’s a piece of life sliced right into a completely underrated album.”

8. Sara (Tusk, 1979)

“Simple heartbeat rhythm and Stevie’s voice mot more could one want This was my favorite song growing up! Definitely one of the best songs ever. epic keyboard solo

7. Little Lies (Tango in the Night, 1987)

“It isn’t Stevie singing in the bathroom haha! It’s Christine McVie (keyboardist) singing this one 🙂 Great song though! Everyone check out Eyes of the World and Oh Diane if you haven’t already – two tracks that should be more appreciated.”

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6. Don’t Stop (Rumours, 1977)

“Was the first FM song I heard and immediately fell in love with it. Reminds me of driving through the mountains Unique song. My favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Bring back nice memories.”

5. Rhiannon (Life Becoming A Landslide (Live), 1975)

“This is the best song ever. I love watching them play their songs, but this their best. Stevie Nicks is a great singer, & this is like her signature song. I hope she keeps going like George Burns. I hope she keeps going until the day that she dies.”

4. Landslide (Life Becoming A Landslide (Live), 1975)

“No offense to the songs ranked above Landslide because they’re great songs, particularly the Chain, but this will always be Mac’s masterpiece to me. I think it’s borne out in the number of artists who have done their versions of Landslide, no other Fleetwood Mac song has been redone like this one. When you see clips of Stevie and Lindsey playing this song, you can see the special meaning behind it. I’ve played this song on guitar hundreds of times, unlike most songs it never gets old.”

3. Dreams (Rumours, 1977)

“Aside from how this song is the only one that reached number one hit in the U.S. , this song is amazing. The cords are simply breathtaking, and the lyrics are deep and heartfelt. Dreams is a lovely song, and my personal favorite.”

2. Go Your Own Way (Rumours, 1977)

“This song shows how great Lindsey Buckingham is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His vocals in particular are just so raw and full of emotion I would argue it’s the best vocals on a fleetwood mac song along with the chain and seven wonders.”

1. The Chain (Rumours, 1977)

“Everyone in the band contributed to this. It was the only one off of Rumours where everyone gave something to add. The result is a thumping acoustic tune that eventually builds up into one of the greatest fade-outs ever with John McVie’s unforgettable bassline.”