Fly by Night Songs Ranked

Fly by Night is the second studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in February 1975 on Mercury Records. It was the first Rush album to showcase elements of progressive rock for which the band has become known. It was also the first to feature lyricist and drummer Neil Peart. The band wanted each song on Fly by Night to show a different side to their writing and playing, which resulted in an album of varied styles. As Peart was a keen reader, he became the group’s primary lyricist, which suited Lifeson and Lee because they preferred to write the music. A Rolling Stone article reasoned this shift in roles to the “massive” difference in the lyrical styles between their first album and Fly by Night which contains more literary themes and references. The songs “By-Tor and the Snow Dog” and “Rivendell” are examples of the inclusion of fantasy themes into Rush’s music. The original hand-penned lyrics for “Anthem” and “Fly by Night” include different or additional lyrics not sung in the final recording, including a prologue for the latter. The tracks “Best I Can” and “In the End” were written before Peart joined the band, and were performed regularly during Rush’s first North American tour. Here are all of Fly by Night songs ranked.

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8. Making Memories

“Making Memories features the only slide guitar solo from Lifeson and is handled capably. The album closer, In the End, is a thoughtful rocker that starts slow and pauses, only to kick back in with a simple yet effective riff.”

7. Rivendell

“Rivendell” is just beautiful;Geddy’s voice is surprisingly mellow,the melody is….actually kind of pretty and the pastoral lyrics,right out of middle Earth are icing on the cake.”

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6. Best I Can

“Best I Can is another famous track, a little blues-like and very different from later Rush works; one of their most original and experimental songs. This was written by Geddy alone. It rocks, but it misses Neil’s literate touch.”

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5. In the End

“In The End” is about as close to a power ballad as Rush would ever get, but this song has remained a concert staple even today, and for good reason because the charm to this song is its simplicity.”

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4. Beneath Between and Behind

“Beneath, Between and Behind allows a small glimpse into the politico of Peart’s future writings to come, and kicks…too Neill’s drumming is impressive here.not so memorable but works good as a hard-rocker.”

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3. By Tor and the Snow Dog

“By-Tor & The Snow Dog” serves as the centerpiece of the album and marks the band’s inevitable descent into long, proggy numbers. You may not notice or even care what bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee is saying in the song because you’ll be so dumbfounded and entertained by the twists and turns the song takes.”

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2. Anthem

“The album opens with Anthem, a classic Rush song with a great riff. And I love Alex guitar solo on this tune. The lyrics by Neil was inspired by philosopher Ann Rynd (whose writings would also be the inspiration for the 2112 opus) and marked a new era for Rush where the lyrics would be as intelligent as the music.”

1. Fly by Night

“Fly By Night is the title track which is very mellodic and with soft inclinations; very enjoyable for stepping out of the hard rock pattern in the album. Making Memories is one of those typical melancholic ballads talking about life in the road as a rock band; not too much of a ballad, still I always associate Journey’s song Faithfully when I hear to it.”