Fresh Cream Songs Ranked

Fresh Cream is the debut studio album by the British rock band Cream. The album was released in the UK on 9 December 1966, as the first LP on the Reaction Records label, owned by producer Robert Stigwood. The UK album was released in both mono and stereo versions, at the same time as the release of the single “I Feel Free”.[10] The album peaked at No. 6 on the UK Albums Chart. The album was released in a slightly different form in January 1967 by Atco Records in the US, also in mono and stereo versions. In January 2017, the album was again reissued, by Polydor, in a 4-CD box-set containing mono and stereo versions of the original UK and US release along with singles and B-sides. Here are all of Fresh Cream’s songs ranked.

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10. Rollin’ and Tumblin’

“High energy blues with a good harmonica part. Again, the singer sounds like he would rather be black. Has some laddish backing singing.”

9. Cat’s Squirrel

“Side 2 starts with Cat’s Squirrel, a really nice (practically) instrumental with a great guitar hook from Clapton and harmonica playing from Jack.”

102 – Cream – Fresh Cream (1966) | Hunkered Down in Brooklyn

8. Four Until Late

“A country flavoured song with harmonica. No doubt a lesser effort than their magnum opus, Disraeli Gears, this one features almost all heavy blues with a lot less psych influence than the follow up.”

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7. Toad

“If you like the second cd which comes with that title sometimes, then Fresh Cream may be for you-it even includes an extended version of Toad, with an even longer drum solo…insanely long, at around 13 minutes! “

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6. Sleepy Time Time

“A laid back bluesy lead guitar feel. Has inconsequential lyrics and noticeable bass guitar. Sleepy Time Time is Cream’s first true descent into extreme bluesy-ness. It’s a great mostly mellow track, with a great lead line and some great soloing from Clapton in the middle section.”

5. Sweet Wine

“Has a poetic style lyrical form, good backing vocals and an angular, sharp sounding lead guitar. Since I was listening to this album to hear traces of what would become heavy metal, I did note that this song had a metal style lead guitar…but maybe I am too generous in this regard, perhaps.”

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4. Dreaming

“It has a 50s style to it, with nice multi-vocals going on, which complement and harmonise with each other well. Might appeal to people who like British icon Cliff Richard’s 50’s music.”

3. Spoonful

“Spoonful is the albums longest track, and features a lot of blues soloing by Clapton. It’s a fairly straight ahead slow blues song, a cover in fact. One of the albums many covers. Clapton’s solos are impressive here, and are some of his best solos period.”

Melts in Your Mind | Cream eric clapton, Eric clapton, Blues rock

2. N.S.U.

“N.S.U. is another pop-blues type of tune, and fairly catchy at that. It definitely has a poppy lyrical style and noticeable lead guitar.. The music itself is pretty straight ahead blues rock…fun, solid, and slightly heavy.”

1. I’m So Glad

“A very simple, lyrically, with the title repeated a lot, as well as other lyrics repeated a lot, too. This song is catchy though. Has backing vocals and bass guitar. The melody sounds familiar though-there may be a song currently getting airplay at the time of this review which features a guitar melody like the melody in this song. If you’ve got any idea what that current song may be and whether I’m right or not, let me know!”