Funkadelic Albums Ranked

Funkadelic was an American funk rock band formed in Plainfield, New Jersey in 1968 and active until 1982. The band and its sister act Parliament, both led by George Clinton, pioneered the funk music culture of the 1970s. Relative to its sister act, Funkadelic pursued a heavier, psychedelic rock-oriented sound. They released acclaimed albums such as Maggot Brain (1971) and One Nation Under a Groove (1978). Funkadelic had a major influence on a large number of hip-hop artists, and the genre of hip-hop as a whole. In particular, Dr. Dre references Funkadelic’s sound as a major influence on his music, especially his G-funk sound. Funkadelic’s 1979 release “(Not Just) Knee Deep” in particular was sampled extensively by G-Funk artists, including placements on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, MC Hammer’s Street Fighter OST, and Tupac’s All Eyez On Me. Here are all of Funkadelic albums ranked.

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10. Uncle Jam Wants You (1979)

“Wanna get hipped to the funk? Then “Uncle Jam” is for you. It should be added to the shelves of any serious r and b collection, for George Clinton’s body of work is as impressive and essential to hard-hitting soul music as that of James Brown and any of his funk disciples, including William “Bootsy” Collins and Bernie Worrell, who also appears on this joint.”

9. America Eats Its Young (1972)

“Loose Booty is chicken-scratch greazzy guitar fonk incarnate, with Worrell’s psychedelic clav noodlings once more centre stage. Both of these tracks have killer drum grooves, sadly it’s not clear who played them, but the genesis of this album was infamously long and tortured as Clinton’s whacked out troupe went through various lineups and recording locations before finally birthing this excellent set.”

8. Let’s Take It To The Stage (1975)

“One of the more diverse Funkadelic albums in my opinion. Some of this sounds like it would have fit a Parliament release. Every song pounds you with thick grooves and unmistakeable funk. Again, another funk canon album and a must own for funk fans. Better By The Pound, the title track and of course Get Off Your Ass And Jam stand out as exceptional. Again every song delivers and will not disappoint.”

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7. Cosmic Slop (1973)

“Very good album of Funkadelic! Already the clutch attracts the eye it is so beautiful and original I find! ! That one can already be attracted by its content for my part very good titles well funk well psychedelic already entry one enters the universe funk psyche with ohéeeee nappy dugout! And its sound like a baby nipple or a kids’ object that’s funny entrance! The riffs are very good on march to the castle witches, Cosmic Slop is also great I recommend Cosmic Slop!!!”

6. The Electric Spanking Of War Babies (1981)

“As for the music itself, the title track is incredible, but the rest of the album is just okay. I’ve heard that it was originally supposed to be a double album that would feature a few of the tracks from Clinton’s solo album “Computer Games” including the mega-hit “Atomic Dog”, which would have rounded out the album nicely. I would treat this album as a B-side to Computer Games– If you enjoyed the music, artwork and overall feeling of that album, you’ll enjoy this one.”

5. Funkadelic (1970)

“I would really love to have been around Motown near this time. Things like this and The Temps’ Psychedelic Shack happening….and we all should know that this is was near the time that these guys had been woking under development with Motown. It is just a classic album that was a huge game changer for where music was going to be headed. This is all the real evidence anyone would need to answer someone asking why these guys are Rock N Roll HOFer’s. Every track on this album seems miles ahead of what we know was going on in 1970 musically.”

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4. Free Your Mind… And Your Ass Will Follow (1970)

“The holy grail of psychedelic funk-rock. As funky as psychedelia ever got, and as psychedelic as funk ever got. Even funkier and further “out there” than “Maggot Brain” in my honest opinion, although it is shorter. Imagine “Band of Gypsys”, if the band was high on ten times more acid than they probably were, that’s what this sounds like. I think this is trippier than Pink Floyd’s “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” which is way the heck out there. This album is for hardcore funk-rock fans only, as it will probably frighten away more casual funkateers, but if you like your funk raw, gritty, dark, heavy and completely obliterated on drugs, there is no better album for you.”

3. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (1974)

“Funkadelic’s “Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On” is not only a high point of their career but it’s also one of the greatest guitar albums ever waxed. The band has finally perfected their groundbreaking fusion of soul music harmonies, hard funky grooves, off the wall weirdness & blistering guitar work. From hot funk/rockers like “Red Hot Mama”, “Alice In My Fantasies” & the title track to the atmospheric “I’ll Stay” & “Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts” to the goofy “Jimmy’s Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him”, this is Funkadelic at it’s best.”

2. One Nation Under A Groove (1978)

“I love their dancing prancing funk dance music like “One nation Under a Groove” and Michael Hampton just kills the guitar solos in “Groovealligeance”, “Who says that a Funk Band Can’t Play Rock”, “Promentalshitbackwashpsychosisenemasquad” and “Lunchmeataphobia (Think It Ain’t Illegal Yet)” and a surprising solo by Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton extra on “Maggot Brain”. I love the introspective “Into You” and the rollicking funk in your face “Cholly: Funk Getting Ready to Roll”. I love their guitar solos!!!!”

1. Maggot Brain (1971)

“This album is unique for Parliament/Funkadelic. A step outside of their norm, and I love it. It really showcases the musical talent of this band. My favorite album of either group! Classic Funkadelic and a must have for music collectors of the Funk variety.”