Gojira Albums Ranked

Gojira is a French heavy metal band from Bayonne. Originally formed as Godzilla in 1996, they changed their name to Gojira in 2001. The band’s lineup, consisting of brothers Joe Duplantier (lead vocals, guitar) and Mario Duplantier (drums, backing vocals), guitarist Christian Andreu, and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie, has been the same since the band’s name change. They have released six studio albums and three live DVDs. They are known for their environment-themed lyrics and have gone from “utmost obscurity” to being placed “amongst (death metal)’s leading new millennium upstarts”. Gojira have received Grammy nominations for Best Rock Album for their latest album Magma (2016) and Best Metal Performance for their single “Silvera”. Here are all of Gojira albums ranked.

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6. The Link (2003)

“This is the album to get if you want intelligent metal. If you want the songs to sound unique from each other, and yet part of a continuum that seems to have a central theme, this is definitely for you. You have insane blast beats straight from the pits of death metal to the echoing sounds of spacey / ambient rock. The vocals are not over powering, and yet true to the genre.”

5. Terra Incognita (2001)

“I didn’t even realize that this album existed since it is an earlier album by the band. It is more on the heavy side but it still has that signature Gojira sound that I really enjoy. I’m glad that I found this and it completes my discography collection for them. If you like the Gojira sound and don’t mind the more heavy side I definitely recommend picking this up!!”

4. L’Enfant Sauvage (2012)

“The music is still very crushing and the drums are still excellent although those little witty drum flavors have gone on this album mostly. Making for me this album slightly weaker than the other albums. however, I still like it and the song L’ enfant sauvage is pretty good. and some of the other too.”

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3. Magma (2016)

“This album has something for everyone. The hard tunes like Stranded, Silvera and The Cell will appeal to the old fans with the heavy, complex drumming and progressive sound. Other tunes like The Shooting Star and Magma have a slow and heavy sound. Gojira has really poured a lot of emotion into this album and it shows. The cleaner vocals are a change but it fits perfectly. The guitar riffs are tighter, less complex as other albums but done in a way to keep the song flowing.”

2. The Way Of All Flesh (2008)

“”The Way of All Flesh” is an amazingly stunning and powerful work of pure, hypnotic grooving progressive/death metal that is dare I say just as powerful as the band’s name itself. The first thing that I must have to say is that the music on this album here is just incredibly breathtaking and extremely heavy hitting throughout. The songwriting and musicianship is just supremely tight here with the guitars, bass and drums all playing in perfectly intricate formation throughout. Each track here is just chock filled with crushingly heavy and powerful riffs, plodding bass lines, amazingly balanced drumming, and intensely powerful vocals throughout.”

1. From Mars To Sirius (2005)

“From Mars to Sirius” is an absolute monster of a metal album from a monster of a metal band that truly does live up to their namesake. Not one single word can even describe how incredible this album truly is. This is a very unique and monstrous metal release that effortlessly delivers twelve tracks of savagely severe progressive death metal that ferociously crushes and annihilates absolutely everything in it’s sight, and the album also includes other elements such as doom, thrash, technical death, groove, grindcore, sludge, industrial, melodic death, as well as some dreamy melodic touches too.”