Good Time Songs Ranked

“Good Time” is a song recorded and written by American country music singer Alan Jackson. It is the title track and second single from his album Good Time, having been released on April 21, 2008. Overall, it is his forty-eighth Top Ten hit on the BillboardHot Country Songs charts and his twenty-fourth Number One hit. This song is used in the Rock Band Country Track Pack, and has been confirmed as upcoming downloadable content for the Rock Band series. “Good Time” debuted at number 42 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart dated April 18, 2008. On the chart week of August 2, 2008, it reached Number One, giving Jackson the twenty-fourth Number One country hit of his career. The song peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Jackson his last (to date) top 40 hit. Here are all of Good Time songs ranked.

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10. If Jesus Walked the World Today

“If Jesus Walked The World Today” closes out the album on a high note. A fun, catchy mid to upper tempo tune. Really, there isn’t a bad track on the album. It’s Alan, how could there be?.”

9. Laid Back ‘n Low Key (Cay)

“Alan Jackson is yet to fail me. some of my favorites from the cd are small town southern man, country boy, 1976, and laid back n low key. if you’re an Alan Jackson fan i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.”

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8. Listen to Your Senses

“This album will probably become the yardstick to which all subsequent albums will be measured. Old fans will love it, and new ones – of any genre – will doubtless enjoy spending time with a master craftsman at the very peak of his powers. And yes, I did have a good time!”

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7. Never Loved Before

“The album also includes a great, up-tempo duet with Martina McBride called “Never Loved Before”. Alan rarely does duets on his studio albums, so this was a nice surprise and a wonderful collaboration.”

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6. Sissy’s Song

“Sissy’s Song” is a gorgeous ballad. I don’t know what significance it has(if any), but it is one of the stand out tracks here on the CD. The music,singing and lyrics on this album are strong. Beautiful and rich.”

5. When the Love Factor’s High

“Alan Jackson is one that I still regularly listen to and buy when I get the chance. “Good Time” doesn’t disappoint – at all. Alan is still at ease with his mostly-traditional sound here, and still sounds as much at ease with a rocking guitar as he does with a fiddle and steel guitar.”

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4. Right Where I Want You

“This was by far the best country CD of 2008. Unfortunately it did NOT win Album of the Year, although it was nominated. AJ got hosed! All original material, from rocking to sad ballards to punpin’ truck driving songs. I still like baloney on white bread, and I still dig Alan Jackson! If you buy one country record this year, this is IT!”

3. I Wish I Could Back Up

“Then he writes beautiful music like “I Wish I Could Back Up” which sends shivers down your spine. The man is genius when he’s inspired and being true to himself.”

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2. Good Time

“The album starts off with the title track, “Good Time”, and you instantly know that you are not just in for a good time, but you are in for some classic Alan. The title track is a classic, fun Alan toe tapper, and it’s a smashing way to start the CD off.”

1. Small Town Southern Man

“Jackson’s self-penned “Small Town Southern Man” is the epitome of what AJ brings to the table and his listeners expect from him. It’s simple but powerful, true, and musically unflawed. This sort of formula is what makes Jackson so good.”