GRiZ Albums Ranked

Grant Richard Kwiecinski, also known by his stage name GRiZ, is an American DJ, songwriter, and electronic producer from Southfield Michigan.  He is known for playing the saxophone along with producing funk, electro-soul, and self-described future-funk. Kwiecinski created the All Good Records (formerly Liberated Music) label to promote his music, along with electro contemporaries Muzzy Bearr (who also plays guitar live with GRiZ and on several tracks), The Floozies, The Geek x VRV, and Manic Focus. All Good Records describes itself as a label that “reps old school Motown soul, future funk, new disco, cutting edge electronica, and anything on the forefront of the new sound.” Kwiecinski travels across the U.S & Canada playing at festivals such as Summer Camp, Electric Zoo, Electric Forest, Hard Los Angeles, TomorrowWorld, North Coast Festival, Decadence, SnowBall, Lollapalooza, and Shambhala. He has collaborated with other artists, including Gramatik, ExMag, and Big Gigantic. His fourth album, Say It Loud, was released on March 31, 2015. In 2016, GRiZ released Good Will Prevail which was his first time charting in the Billboard 200. In 2017, GRiZ kept the good vibes going with the remixed version, Good Will Continue. 2019 brought about his sixth album, Ride Waves, which exhibited a new sound style with more rapping and signing than ever before. Here are all of GriZ albums ranked.

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6. Good Will Continue (Remixes), 2017

GRiZ Drops Good Will Continue Remix Album Stacked With Big Names from Every  Genre

“Amazing album, nice mix of funk, hip hop, little taste of rock, and some dub added in! GRiZ to the rescue with all these feel good vibes~ What an Album!”

5. Ride Waves, 2019

GRiZ - Ride Waves Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

“Griz can do no wrong. Beautiful album with awesome collaborations. Sounds everyone will like. He’s so diverse and this album highlights that. Album cover is beautiful too.”

4. Rebel Era, 2013

How It Ends (ft Dominic Lalli) by GRiZ

“I felt the mixing was very well done throughout the entire album. Each of the elements, while they could take you by surprise, didn’t feel out of place. You’ll see saxophones, blues guitar solos, auto tune, hip hop vocals, and dubstep all come together in one album that still makes you feel like the same artist composes each track. The volume was controlled quite well too. Typically with these sort of electronic+(insert genre here) you’d get, say, dubstep with a little blues in the background, or vice versa. This album did a good job of making them harmonize in a way that didn’t allow one to overpower the other but let them flow organically.”

3. Say It Loud, 2015

GRiZ - For The Love (Ft. Talib Kweli) : Must Hear Hip-Hop / Electro-Soul -  This Song Is Sick

“Amazing album all around! Been listening to GRiZ since ‘End of the World Party’ so impressed by the quality production in every song, really brings together so many different elements flawlessly. It’s Fun, Funky, its Epic. It’s the future funk!”

2. Mad Liberation  (2012)

Free Album] GRiZ – Mad Liberation | The Music Ninja

“One of the best albums of it’s kind. I’ve been overdosing on it since I got it. I still like Rebel Era a little better but it’s hard to choose. Awesome and I love it”

1. Good Will Prevail  (2016)

Griz - Good Will Prevail | Down In The Valley - Music, Movies, Minneapolis  & More

“Just as upbeat and amazing as the other Albums. GRiZ Keep making future funkadelic jazzy beats. I love them and it sounds like everyone who makes the music with you enjoys making with you too! Best Song in my opinion Good Times Roll feat. Big Gigantic. If you don’t feel good after listening to that, then I don’t know what will.”