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Haim is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles. The band consists of three sisters: Este Haim (bass guitar and vocals), Danielle Haim (lead vocals, guitar, and drums), and Alana Haim (guitars, keyboards, and vocals). In addition to their primary instruments, each member is proficient in several others. The group’s pop sound on their studio work stands in contrast to the more rock-based music of their live shows. The group’s first release, Forever (an EP released as a limited-time download), combined with positive reception at the South by Southwest festival, led to a deal with Polydor Records and a management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation group in mid-2012. The band began recording material for their first album, Days Are Gone, in sessions between touring dates, including appearances at the Glastonbury Festival. The album charted in the top ten in several countries, including the number-one spot in the UK, and the group had won several “best of” awards by the end of 2013. The group was nominated for Best New Artist at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Their second album, Something to Tell You, was released in July 2017. Their third album, titled Women in Music Pt. III, was released on June 26, 2020. The group received nominations at the 63rd Grammy awards for Album of the Year (for Women In Music Pt. III) and Best Rock Performance (for “The Steps”). Here are all of HAIM’s songs ranked.

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10. Days Are Gone (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“The songs are all catchy and have a great beat. Very easy to get absorbed in that, but the lyrics are pretty good as well and not repetitive. There are too many otherwise-catchy songs out there which have practically no lyrics and rely on the same hook repeated 800 times to try to keep your attention. With this CD, it’s actually rewarding to pay attention to the lyrics. Imagine that.”

9. Let Me Go (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“Wasn’t expecting too much from this group, which hasn’t had much airplay or Top 40 success. I was more than pleasantly surprised. I bought this album because of the lead song, Want You Back. I wore out the laser beam playing that one, but the rest of the album is packed with very listenable, catchy songs. A very talented group of young ladies. Album does not disappoint.”

8. Go Slow (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“There are so many things that stand out about this band, that it is easy to take their debut album for granted. Pop-rock music is in their DNA so to speak, cutting their teeth on classic rock in a band with their parents, the aptly named, ‘Rockinhaim’. Their parents much have recognized their talents early and obviously did a great job nurturing them.”

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7. My Song 5 (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“As a debut album this is a belter. These ladies make fun music. To have such multi talented musicians that play many different instruments is a rare talent. These ladies have shed loads of that. I also have their 2nd release and both of these releases are exceptional.”

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6. Honey & I (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“Haim is a very talented group of women. Their music is reminiscent of the ’80s era Prince, U2, and Madonna, but has a modern spin to it. It is refreshing to hear music, done by young women, that is appropriate to play in front of all age groups. It is not the eye averting causing music of some of the other artists in their age group and isn’t auto-tuned into submission. These young women have vocal talent and you will find yourself swaying to the music immediately upon pressing play.”

5. Forever (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“Recently, Haim topped the list of BBC’s sound of 2013. Maybe that will be a sign that this band is going to do big things but with _Forever_, their debut EP, it’s just as if these three young girls are trying out their chemistry with each other, vocally, musically and melodically. The songs here are charming enough and they are intriguing but it’s really hardly original. I hear traces of eighties era Kate Bush in their blend of indie pop and folk. What does separate them from recent female flash of the pans is that the lead vocalist does have a solid voice, very versatile. Maybe a full length is in order and maybe they will really hit paydirt but in the meantime, these songs serve as mere teasers.”

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4. If I Could Change Your Mind (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“These sisters are my new favorite group. I loved their song on the Target stores commercial and tracked them down. I like all of the songs on the album of course some better than others. They have an impressive range of styles that’s fresh and new to boot. Their voices are strong individually & even stronger & more beautiful together.”

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3. Don’t Save Me (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“Starts out wanting them back, but then starts to realize that she doesn’t want them if their love isn’t strong. Asking the question that if they have to beg for their love, then will it ever be enough….. so on second thought, don’t save me. great song, same shit I was thinking when I went through my divorce. Both of their singles spoke to me about broken relationships, romantic love is so weak.”

2. Falling (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. This would describe my finding of Haim. I stumbled upon their video for “Falling” on YouTube and was entranced by their subtle yet active bassline and siren-like vocal arrangement. Their song “Falling” is heavily reminiscent of the best if not better than what Fleetwood Mac had to offer prior to the dark and mystic Stevie Nicks era. These three sisters play all of their own instruments and their natural dynamic shows in how well they come together with harmonizing and flow.”

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1. The Wire (Days Are Gone, 2013)

“Love this song…….great beat……great voices…..and can those girls ever play the guitar……wow. “The wire”….. is one of those “get your body moving” type songs that only comes along every now and then. I’m hoping to hear many more excellent songs from them. And…..their stage presence in their vids is outstanding……real rockers.”