Hanoi Rocks Songs Ranked

Hanoi Rocks were a Finnish rock band formed in 1979. They were the first Finnish band to chart in the UK and they were also popular in Japan. The band broke up in June 1985 after drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley died in a car accident during their first US tour in December 1984. Original vocalist Michael Monroe and guitarist Andy McCoy reunited in 2001 with a new lineup that lasted until 2009. Although musically closer to traditional rock n’ roll and punk, the band have been cited as a major influence in the glam metal genre for bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row, and Poison. Here are all of Hanoi Rock’s songs ranked.

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11. Tragedy (Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks, 1981)

“In 1984 their song Tragedy (a perfect act from this album) appeared on the compilation Masters of Metal. Nowadays we truly relate this band to glam, rock n roll, hard rock and sometimes rockabilly or punk. Every their album says for itself. “

10. 11th Street Kids (Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks, 1981)

“My favourite Hanoi album. In my opinion, one of the best rock albums around. I’d suggest it to anyone who listens to late 70s early 80s rock n roll.”

9. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Two Steps from the Move, 1984)

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is more classic and would not mismatch on their previous opus. It’s glam, but has proto GNR grit, not real heavy but a Stones like raunchy machismo. Again, should have been a household name.”

8. This One’s for Rock N Roll (This One’s for Rock N Roll, 2008)

“Hanoi Rocks is THE quintessential glam rock band. This collections is recommended for both Hanoi fans and anyone who loves down and dirty rock and roll!”

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7. Malibu Beach Nightmare (Back to Mystery City, 1983)

“People think they were a part of the ’80s glam/hair bands. But Hanoi Rocks actually broke up a year before that whole scene started (which I say began with Motley Crue’s terrible ‘Theatre Of Pain’ in 1985). Getting together in the late ’70s in Finland, they were actually more of a proto-punk band in the vein of thier admitted biggest influence, The New York Dolls.”

6. Until I Get You (Back to Mystery City, 1983)

“The highlight is definitely Until I Get You, which seems to feel more serious and less silly the more and more I listen to it.”

5. A Day Late, a Dollar Short (Twelve Shots on the Rocks, 2002)

“An incredible slice of glammed up sleaze genius from the band that inspired and should have been Guns n Roses. This kicks Axl and his pedantic farting around the square in the nuts”

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4. Underwater World (Two Steps from the Move, 1984)

“Pretty average glam release. The songs are all very party till you puke, with the occasional generic ballad. There is little to say about it because it is such a generic glam release. The singing is over the top for its greatest part, and the guitars are enjoyable to listen to though being generic. “

3. Up Around the Bend (Two Steps from the Move, 1984)

“A slamming cover of CCR’s “Up Around the Bend” opens up the album, probably the best version of the song I’ve ever heard recorded.”

2. Million Miles Away (Two Steps from the Move, 1984)

“Million Miles Away”. Oscillating between slow and medium tempo, Michael’s voice sits there like never before. In addition, he will magnify the piece with his saxophone”

1. Don’t You Ever Leave Me (Two Steps from the Move, 1984)

“Don’t You Ever Leave Me” is the re-recording and improvement of a track from their first album? It was EZRIN who insisted that the song be reworked by the band and re-recorded, slowing down the tempo and giving it a less raw feel.”