Hatebreed Songs Ranked

Hatebreed is an American metalcore band from Bridgeport, Connecticut, formed in 1994. They have released one cover album and seven studio albums, most recently The Concrete Confessional on May 13, 2016. Their musical style blends influences from hardcore punk and heavy metal; a prominent band within the hardcore scene, they are also considered a part of the metal scene. Here are all of Hatebreed songs ranked.

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15. Perseverance (Perseverance, 2002)

“This is music for hardasses.  Most of the record is ultra heavy midtempo numbers with huge, vicious breakdowns, and group chants.”

14. Doomsayer (The Rise of Brutality, 2003)

“The tough guy’s bible. Imagine how many guys have practiced their pitting, stomping around alone in their room to this, eager to show off their moves at the show. This is music for a specific type of person.”

13. Never Let It Die (Supremacy, 2006)

“Hard-hitting and relentlessly aggressive. Jamey Jasta´s vocals are some of the most convincingly aggressive vocals I´ve heard in a while.”

12. Looking Down the Barrel of Today (The Concrete Confessional, 2016)

“Musically, this record sounds very much like a modern Slayer record (albeit having much cooler riffs, think Dying Fetus quality). In retrospect I could not call Hatebreed a Thrash Metal band…but on this record they have almost every aspect to be considered as such.”

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11. In Ashes They Shall Reap (Hatebreed, 2009)

“It’s hard to say whether this is better or worse than their previous releases but Hatebreed easily stands as a solid and fun listen with some really good moments and is on par with the majority of the bands catalogue.”

10. To the Threshold (Supremacy, 2006)

“If you like hearing positive words from heavy metal this is it. “To the Threshold” is another powerful and aggressive track with Jamey telling us he will take your negativity and he will give you strength.

9. Defeatist (Supremacy, 2006)

“Hatebreed don’t tend to change their style very much from album to album, so debating different album’s against each other is harder than most others. But with such a standout track like DEFEATIST it’s this track alone that puts it in the SUPER-emacy bracket!”

8. Betrayed by Life (Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, 1997)

“Conceived through an act of violence, Betrayed by life, Mark my words and Burial for the living. The songs really pump me up!”

7. I Will Be Heard (Perseverance, 2002)

“I will be heard is my favourite Hatebreed song and the song that got me into this band. It really spoke to me with a fantastic sound and lyrics about standing up for yourself and not being pushed aside”

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6. Not One Truth (Under the Knife, 1996)

“Lead screamer Jamey Jasta has a tremendous range that goes from pissed to really fucking pissed, to so pissed he’s gonna kill somebody.”

5. Before Dishonor (Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, 1997)

“Simple and low on the forehead, Hatebreed music does not require lengthy explanation. The group focuses here on the essential with sharp and ultra efficient riffs, a nervous and dynamic drums, an aggressive bass and a powerful and raging vocals.”

4. This is Now (The Rise of Brutality, 2003)

“Upon first listen this may not impress you that much, but with some patience you’ll be turning back to this one in no time. Great record in terms of message”

3. Live for This (The Rise of Brutality, 2003)

“Blending punk, metal and crust, this band is a must have for extreme music lovers, for their songs are fast, harsh, sharp, furious and uncompromisingly rocking, headbanging poging tunes!”

2. Everyone Bleeds Now (Hatebreed, 2009)

“Angry and powerful. A return to good heavy duty music.  Sure their lyrics, poetically speaking, are garbage, but they weren’t concerned with poetry. They were concerned with telling the truth. “

1. Destroy Everything (Supremacy, 2006)

“These guys have never had a great reputation but I can say this is good if not basic beatdown hardcore. Every song sounds the same and has a breakdown in it but this kind of music is designed to pump you up and get you moving in the pit.”