Help! Songs Ranked

Help! is the fifth studio album by the English rock band the Beatles and the soundtrack to their film of the same name. It was released on 6 August 1965. Seven of the fourteen songs, including the singles “Help!” and “Ticket to Ride”, appeared in the film and took up the first side of the vinyl album. The second side included “Yesterday”, the most-covered song ever written. The album was met with favourable critical reviews and topped the Australian, German, UK and US charts. In the US, Help! marked the start of artistic recognition for the Beatles from mainstream critics, including comparisons to the European art music tradition. It was nominated in the category of Album of the Year at the 1966 Grammys Awards, marking the first time that a rock band had been recognised in this category. In 2000, it was voted 119th in the third edition of Colin Larkin’s book All Time Top 1000 Albums. In 2020, it was ranked 266th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. In September 2013, after the British Phonographic Industry changed its sales award rules, Help! was certified platinum for recorded sales since 1994. Here are all of Help! songs ranked.

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14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

“The Beatles took a late 50’s rocker by Larry Williams and made it the ending staple for there last year of there concert act. This one is based in the original song especially Harrison’s great chops with the electric guitar, but it also shows off Lennon’s great noise for rock n roll a la Twist and Shout. Lots and lots of fun even though it is different to the original “

13. Tell Me What You See

“This seems to be somewhat lost between country music that twangy and jangally guitar, folk rock, and Middle American folk music with the guru and claves. I dont think that they were going to see the Mahareshi in 1965 but I do know that the roots were there. This has the Byrds sound but it adds to it, John and Paul share lead vocals”

12. You Like Me Too Much

“This one has a little 4 second piano thing at the beginning that was used brilliantly by Bob Dylan in temporary like achilles used on his 1966 album Blonde on Blonde, the part is also featured in the solo. here again the Beatles are influenced by country music, most noteably here, Act Naturally, and You’ve got to hide your love way. Love the handclaps the sing songy vocals by George.”

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11. I Need You

“This is George coming into his own, this sounds alot like The Back Pages and has a slight jangle feel to the guitar. This is a ballad you can hear it’s overwhelming british vocals with it’s All American instruments, this one seems to be devided between there english influences and there American counterparts.”

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10. Another Girl

“I saw the first film this sounds like the song that they did at the party, will have to check my notes to see which song it reminds me of. This is the second McCartney rocker I always pictured Lennon as the one that did the best rockers and Paul was the one that did the best ballads. This is a fast paced number about love. Guitar solo, and drums kick it right here “

9. Act Naturally

“One of two cover tracks on the album, this one was not even close to being kind of country influence, it is straight up country music. The song was done by Buck Owens with very nice results but Ringo’s version completely owns. It is so good that the country radio stations hopefully even played it. The song does have there mersey beat sound but it is much closer to what one would hear at a honkey tonk the guitars are twangy. Very similar to later Rolling Stones, and Byrds later tracks.”

8. It’s Only Love

“This one seems like a remake of Your Going to lose that girl, only it is slower paced slightly. The song has cool usage of the tambourines which seem to be a very prodominat instrument on this LP The song is inspired by a Bob Dylan and Joan Baez sound that was popular in America a few years before, whoa near the end with the guitar sounds a la Duane Eddy that is cool.”

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7. You’re Going to Lose that Girl

“That is an added instrument in the beginning. Bongo’s and handclaps by Ringo Starr, he is also on drums on here, this was obviously dubbed many times This was one of the most known tracks from the movie. I never listened for the bongo’s I love them. John’s vocals are very much an after thought after listening to those bongo’s Makes me want to listen to Apache that became a rap sampled track.”

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6. The Night Before

“The harmonies are here, this sounds like a Byrds song, this has that folk sound. From the readings the Byrds were heavily influenced by the The Beatles here the Beatles are influenced by the Byrds. Drums or very good, everything here is cool. Love the vocals is this Harrison? No is Mccartney but he sounds a little like George”

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5. I’ve Just Seen a Face

“Fabulous. Really love this one, some of their greatest songs, and some hidden-ish gems like I’ve Just Seen A Face, which are not as much talked about. Anyway, I really recommend you listen to it.”

4. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

“This has tamberines on it for god sakes, they went the full folk route with the music, I will look what they are maracca’s I think. I always like listening to this one on the radio This one also reminds me of say a Bob Dylan or more to say a Sonny and Cher from the same time period. It also seems to be grasped in early 50’s vocal stylings. Love the musical fill with the flute. These guys were rapidly maturing here in 1965.”

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3. Ticket to Ride

“I can hear the influence of Bob Dylan and the Byrds here again. This one has a more subdued drum by Ringo, the marraca’s, cowbell in the style of what you’d hear from a Phil Spector track a few yearsprior to the release of this song. This song is one of there most known middle period tracks, and has John slightly doing it in the usual heavily melodied style of Paul.”

2. Yesterday

“One of the songs considered to be the very centerpoint of the Beatles music, Rolling Stone called it the greatest pop song ever made, it went to number one, is the most covered song of all time. It took If I fell and added to it, with the string arangements and simple guitar. One of the finest introductions to the Beatles that one could hope to make.”

1. Help!

“This seems some where between there fuzzy guitar based jangle rock that they were becoming, and there beat sound from Liverpool that they did on a Hard Days Night. Was a huge hit across the world as was most of this album. One of the better tracks in 1965 by the Beatles”