Hole Songs Ranked

Hole was an American alternative rock band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989. It was founded by singer Courtney Love and guitarist Eric Erlandson. It had several different bassists and drummers, the most prolific being drummer Patty Schemel, and bassists Kristen Pfaff (d. 1994), and Melissa Auf der Maur. Hole released a total of four studio albums between two incarnations spanning the 1990s and early-2010s and became one of the most commercially successful rock bands in history fronted by a woman. Hole received several accolades, including four Grammy Award nominations. They were also commercially successful, selling over three million records in the United States alone, and had a far-reaching influence on contemporary female artists. Music and feminist scholars have also recognized the band as the most high-profile musical group of the 1990s to discuss gender issues in their songs, due to Love’s aggressive and violent lyrical content, which often addressed themes of body image, abuse, and sexual exploitation. Here are all of the Hole songs ranked.

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10. Playing Your Song (Celebrity Skin, 1998)

“Not a very popular song, but very powerful. Love it! I can just imagine Courtney Love on the guitar just jammin’ to this song. This is a wonderful song, brimming over with bitterness.The meaning I find in it is probably not the meaning most people would, however. I like the anger and strength of this song, along withthe cynicism.”

9. Garbage Man (Pretty on the Inside, 1991)

“There is so much passion and raw intensity in her screams. I love it. My favorite off their first album. When I first heard Courtney scream “Hey where the fuck were you when my lights went ouuuuuttt!” I was just hooked. Gotta love Courtney’s screams.”

8. I Think that I Would Die (Live Through This, 1994)

“This song was written when she Courtney got Frances took away from her because her and Kurt where using heroin.I think the part “i want some, yeah yeah, there is none” is talking about wanting more drugs, but she knows that if she wants her baby back she cant have any. Courtz is so cool!”

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7. Asking for It (Live Through This, 1994)

“Definitely one of my favorite releases from Hole as far as rarities go (My Body The Hand Grenade is my fav in that category). The songs on this release are well thought out and done extremely well. I enjoy playing along to them with my Squier Venus (Courtney Love’s signature guitar). I could listen to this over and over. Very punk rock inspired.”

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6. Jennifer’s Body (Live Through This, 1994)

“This album rocks. Really – it rocks from front to end. With Courtney’s howling vocals of someone who has nothing left to lose. Of course we all know how this album played out with the freshly news of her husband and Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain, the title is just eerie coincidental but make no mistake, people didn’t buy this album because they felt bad for her, they bought this album because she wrote a really good record.”

5. Doll Parts (Live Through This, 1994)

“A dark, more acoustic driven single from Hole. The lyrics are great, the start stop dynamic works great, and most importantly the whole mood in the tune is really well archieved. Great single.”

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4. Malibu (Celebrity Skin, 1998)

“Honestly the backing vocals are enough for me to rank this as my favorite. But I also love the guitar melody as well as it containing some of my favorite lyrics period.”

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3. Miss World (Live Through This, 1994)

“This is one of those songs where you have to love Courtneys vocals, when she wanted to she went as intense as Kurt did, and the music was almost just as good. Lots of people will equate me with being a Indie rock fan but the fact of the matter is I still like 90’s alt rock more.”

2. Celebrity Skin (Celebrity Skin, 1998)

“Celebrity Skin is probably one of their greatest songs, if not their best. Great beat, great tunes, and it just makes you feel so empowered. Great song! Is it weird that sometimes I would dance to this song when I get out of bed in the morning?”

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1. Violet (Live Through This, 1994)

“Every time I listen to this song, it makes me feel so great! Her voice is just magnificent, and there have been countless times where I listen to this song and wish I was blessed with the voice of Courtney Love.”